The life of the cheetah puts Ayman Reza in trouble – our life – destinations


The Syrian artist Ayman Reda entered the great sparring streak created by the Kuwaiti artist, Hayat Al-Fahd, when she demanded during one of the TV programs “for the deportation of foreigners infected with the Corona virus,” but Ayman Reda quickly found himself amid a wave of criticism, subjecting him to a cycle of anger and criticism because of the method “Inappropriate”, which criticized the life of the artist, Al-Fahd, and was forced within a short time to withdraw his words and delete the post from his account on “Instagram”.

The matter did not stop there, but Ayman Reda found himself in trouble in front of thousands of followers who criticized him many, considering that the method of criticism is unacceptable, especially that she is an artist at the age of his mother, and that the life of the cheetah spoke in the affairs of her country and he had to criticize what is happening in his country Instead of resorting to what he said this way.
At a time when some described him as a “failed” artist, some called for him to apologize to a respected artist who respected her even if she erred in her speech or expression.
Kuwaiti artist Hayat Al-Fahd responded to the criticism campaign she was subjected to because of her “provocative” statements.
“Her words were wrong, and they were misinterpreted,” she said.




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