The life of the Cheetah is Jewish in Ramadan … and this is the reaction of the crowd!


Source: Fuchsia

The teaser of the “Umm Haroun” series starring Kuwaiti artist Hayat Al-Fahd was released yesterday, which in turn revealed the nature of the character that Al-Fahd will perform in the work, and that she will implement for the first time.

The promotional advertisement revealed that the life of the cheetah would lead the character of a woman who belongs to the Jewish religion.

The audience interacted extensively with the advertisement in addition to the nature of the artist’s role, especially after her recent statements about the arrivals, which she exposed to a widespread attack, as she was accused of racism and inhumanity.

Most of the audience’s comments were a link between Al-Dur and Al-Fahd’s recent statements, confirming that a Jewish figure was worthy of her at this particular stage.

The series witnessed some changes, especially with regard to his name, as it was initially called “Umm Shaul”, but the artist did not like the name, so she urged the director and author to change the era and the name of the main character, so her demands were responded to and the name of the work changed to “Umm Haroun”.

The series revolves around a Jewish woman who lived in one of the Gulf states during a specific time period, and the work is directed to fantasy in a form that accommodates the events without being bound by time or place.

The work includes a number of stars, most notably Muhammad Jaber, Ahmed Al Jasmi, Fakhria Khamis, Souad Ali, Abdel Mohsen Al-Nimr, Fatima Al-Safi, Muhammad Al-Alawi, Fouad Ali, Rawan Al-Sayegh, Farah Al-Sarraf, Alaa Al-Hindi, and authored by Ali and Muhammad Shams, directed by Muhammad Jamal Justice, and the series will be shown in the next Ramadan season.

It is noteworthy that the life of the Cheetah had sparked a state of controversy and confusion recently after a telephone intervention on a Kuwaiti TV program, when it attacked the arrivals in its country and demanded their expulsion, especially in light of the circumstances of the recent crisis that the world is experiencing because of Corona.

Al-Fahd was exposed, after her call, to a wide attack by the public and critics, even her colleagues in the artistic and media circles. Many described her as racist, while others defended the able Kuwaiti artist, stressing that her statements were misunderstood and that she did not intend to insult anyone, while some believed that What the cheetah said is true and logical even if I meant it, and that Kuwait is a small country that does not bear this pressure by the number of people.


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