The Italian Federation President hints at the possibility of canceling the season because of Corona


The Italian Football Confederation President, Gabriel Gravina, criticized the government’s approach to football and the possibility of resuming activity again in the light of the Corona virus pandemic.

Despite the announcement of the date for the return of the clubs to individual training on May 18, the Italian Sports Minister still stresses that the cancellation is the closest solution to the competitions. (See his statements)

The government’s decisions were met with great anger by officials in the Italian Football Federation, due to the easing of the ban on citizens starting from May 4, which could herald a catastrophe due to allowing everyone to be present in public parks and streets, which increases the risk of the virus before the re-training.

Italian Championship

Gravina commented on the matter in statements to “Canale Europa”, saying: “Football is an important economic component that helps Italy, but it is also a social phenomenon of great importance to the general public.”

He continued: “We do not want there to be any risks when we return, perhaps we should wait until we find a vaccine through which to deal with this virus, according to scientists.”

He added: “But there is still a long time until we get the vaccine that may extend until the spring of 2021, and we cannot close everything while waiting for this to happen.”

He continued his statements: “The most important thing here is, how long does it take to manufacture large quantities of vaccine when it is produced in order to treat all those infected with the Coronavirus, are we supposed to suspend our economic projects and our various fields, especially football for a long time ?!”

And he continued: “There is a state of indifference on the part of the government towards football, despite being a large sector that gives hope and dreams to a large number of Italian people, reaching 14 million citizens.”

He concluded: “If there are no guarantees to return and complete the season, we will surrender and raise the white flag acknowledging our defeat, but we are waiting for the starting signal according to the recommendations of our doctors.”


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