The International Federation of Professional Players criticizes the decisions to cut wages


Source: Hoofddorp – Reuters

The International Federation of Professional Players told Reuters Television on Friday that many professional players around the world are earning just over average income and cannot afford to cut salaries due to the Corona virus crisis.

The English Premier League players, who are known for massive salaries, have faced demands for a cut in salaries during the cessation of sports activity, but Jonas Bear-Hoffmann, secretary-general of the Professional Players Association, said the situation was very different elsewhere.

“Most players can afford a salary cut like any other factor. Their income is not the way people imagine. They earn less or often the same as the average national income. The lowest income players spread around the world and any deduction in salaries has severe personal effects related to things like paying rents or buying For the necessities of families, he indicated that the big difference may exist in one competition.

“Juventus’ position is completely different from the difference in 17, 18 or 19 places,” he said.

Italian champions Juventus announced that their players had agreed to cut salaries from March to June, a move that Hoffman welcomed.

He said that most clubs dealt responsibly despite unacceptable behavior by some because of unilateral wage reduction decisions.


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