The “Hope Fund” provides free food to quarantine workers


Dubai: «The Gulf»The “Box of Hope” in the UAE started providing and delivering free food to quarantine workers in their homes, coinciding with the emerging crisis of the Corona virus.
This comes in cooperation with the Dubai Municipality and state charitable organizations, through the Food Bank, following all directions set by the government to reduce the virus.
Founded in 2019 by Harmek Singh and a Dubai-based businessman, the fund has hired some like-minded people who have worked tirelessly to help workers facing a variety of issues and problems including finance, health, employment, etc.

The team was active in providing supplies and food during Ramadan, and also participated in supporting workers with legal advice and conducting language lessons.
“In difficult times it is important for us as residents of the United Arab Emirates, regardless of where we come from to stand together and provide a more humane environment,” said Harmik Singh, founder and CEO of Plan B Group. Spreading hope At this juncture we need to be able to meet the most basic needs such as food for everyone who needs it.
For her part, Emirati lawyer Jocelyn Khairallah, a founding member and volunteer, said: “Box of Hope” has given positive energy to many workers; through manual work to be aware of their legal rights and legal procedures. The main goal is to try to make people feel that they are not alone and that we support them.


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