The heroic story of a doctor who returns to work after his retirement and dies in Corona


The stories of the heroic sacrifices of people who lost their lives in fighting the emerging Corona virus and trying to save others from it continue, the most recent of which is a British doctor who lost his life after he decided to return to work despite his retirement.

The British doctor of Nigerian descent, Alpha Sado, died at the age of 68, as a result of infection with the Coronavirus, as the infection was transmitted to him after he decided to return to work to help the epidemic.

Danny, the son of the late doctor, explained in a post on social media, that his father had suffered from the “Covid-19” epidemic for two weeks, before losing his life, according to the British newspaper, “Metro”.

“My father was a true legend. He worked for the National Health Service (in the UK) for about 40 years, and saved lives here and in Africa,” Danny added.

He continued: “My father was a passionate man who cared about saving people’s lives … He was a man who cared about the family, and we did everything together,” according to the Huffington Post website in Britain.

Sado had emigrated from Nigeria to Britain, and worked in medicine until his retirement in 2016, but he recently returned to work at the “Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital” in Welwyn, Rutfordshire, until his death.

It is noteworthy that Sado is not the only doctor who lost his life in Britain after infection with Corona, as earlier two doctors of Arab origin died of the epidemic.

An Arab doctor named Amjad Al-Hourani, an ear, nose and throat consultant who works at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester, central England, lost his life after contracting the emerging coronavirus.

Sudanese doctor Adel Al-Tayyar, an organ specialist, also died from corona.

The pilot underwent self-isolation after symptoms of the disease appeared on him in mid-March, and he was hospitalized on the 20th of the same month, where he passed away at West Middlesex University Hospital in Isleworth, west London.

Quoted by Sky News

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