The Hariri controversy continues … what is new?


Deputy Jamil Al-Sayed wrote on his account on Twitter: “Yesterday, the Hariri family emptied all the similarities they committed, they cannot stand the truth and brought up their lie Muhammad Zuhair Al-Siddiq and sold him the blood of the martyr, bankrupted the country and impoverished people! Signs of their powerlessness, we are not the reason for their madness, they are terrified that the Diab government will succeed, and that will end them forever.

A record of yesterday’s “Twitter” between Mr. and the Secretary-General of the Future Movement, Ahmed Hariri, was followed by a tweet in which he said: “Saad Hariri: The Diab government is moving towards an economic suicide plan and confiscating the money of the Lebanese deposited in banks! What are you saying ?! Fifteen years of looting, corruption and corrupt governments? I forgot that you flew it with Riad Salama and did not leave a penny for people or for the Diab government ?! Corona will go, but people will remain, and they will not have mercy on you.

Ahmed Hariri quickly responded in a tweet: “Jamil al-Sayyid, who is pregnant with Sano and Dair squirting toxins and scum on everything, called Hariri. On the servers, thief. He added: “You originally Jamil, Deputy Lanu, bought your silence on the behalf after the International Investigation Committee exposes millions of people who have hidden them in your house. The lying rope is short, and you day will see you again, after the bars.”However, the master replied to Ahmed Al-Hariri by saying: “For the family’s foolish! Right, your day is coming, but there will be neither imprisonment nor flight, it will be under the two wages of the people who laughed at them and made them poor, from Sidon and Beirut to the north to the Bekaa, and you can see it far away and see it soon. By the way, If the $ 27 million is correct, tell the committee how much it grabbed the price of the murder of Rafik Hariri, and paved the sea. ”

Al-Hariri returned and responded to the master by saying: “To Bashar’s donkey … most of the human traits are hereditary, but the characteristic of Isthmar is a personal effort … Isn’t that beautiful? The collapse of your nerves will not relieve you from falling in the dustbin of history … and whenever I utter a tweet that reveals your sick soul. Oh God We seek refuge in you from the malevolent, the envious and the sly … added characteristics of colonialism. “


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