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AMON – Haifa Wehbi Rahaf and Daniela’s granddaughters sparked the atmosphere through Social Media after they reincarnated my personality, Bakiza and Zaghloul, and performed a funny acting scene together.

Haifa Wehbe’s granddaughters become Bakiza and Zaghloul

Zainab Fayyad, daughter of Haifa Wehbe, published a new picture for her two daughters Rahaf and Daniela, as each of them appeared to be shrinking the character that performed it. .

After that, the Lebanese Social Media star published the video in which her older daughter Rahaf performed the character of Bakiza, the daughter of the velvet class, while the younger Daniela performed the character of Zaghloul, the poor and industrious girl, as the mother commented on him by saying: They went right until she said, “I want to leave, but garlic.” All the love for Her Excellency, who allowed us to love the Bakiza and Zaghloul series.

The funny clip has made a fuss since it was published, with around 83,000 people watching it, and many comments praise the wonderful acting talent of Rahaf and Daniela, as well as their wonderful sense of comedy.

Haifa Wehbe’s daughter and granddaughters
Zainab Fayyad had appeared months ago with her two daughters Rahaf and Daniela, with similar looks in black and luminous, in a circular photo from their most recent photo session, but the audience noticed that she was not wearing her wedding ring on her finger ring in her left hand, wondering whether she had obtained a divorce recently from The father of her two children, especially after she went to the fashion show and gave up her refusal to enter the world of fame in any way as announced before, but it turned out after that that these expectations are not true.

The launch of Haifa Wehbe’s daughter to the world of fashion shows made some expect her to break into the art world, but she confirmed that she does not like acting or singing and is not interested in this field.

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