The German Confederation: “Ghost Matches” is the only option to resume the Bundesliga


The German Confederation: “Ghost Matches” is the only option to resume the Bundesliga

Monday – 27 Shaaban 1441 AH – 20 April 2020 AD

German Football Association President Fritz Keeler at a press conference, showing team manager Oliver Bierhoff (APA)

Berlin: «Middle East Online»

German Football Association Chairman Fritz Keeler confirmed that the so-called “ghost matches”, that is, without an audience, is the only option for the revival of the Bundesliga League activity next month, while some groups of fans questioned the feasibility of this in light of the outbreak of the “Corona” virus.
The Bundesliga hopes to get a green light from the government of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to resume first and second division matches in Germany, probably next month, on May 9 or 16.
There is hope for decision-making Thursday during the meeting of representatives of 36 clubs in the first and second classes via video calling technology.
The German Bundesliga was suspended on March 13 due to the outbreak of the “Coffid-19” epidemic in Germany, where until today 141672 cases have been registered that have received 4404 people. The German Federation President Fritz Keeler told German magazine “Kicker” on Monday: “Important decisions will be taken this week. How to start procedures ».
Germany had prevented large gatherings in the country until the next August 31, and therefore the only option to resume local football activity will be in front of audiences empty of what was called “ghost matches” in Germany, and Keeler continued, “We realize that the establishment of football without An audience that will lose its pulse. ”
“Through discussions and reactions from the groups of fans, I fully realize how painful it is for them to be unable to support their clubs on the field,” he added.
The Bundesliga hopes to complete the season by the end of June in order to guarantee 300 million euros ($ 326 million) in profits from TV broadcasting contracts.
Without these proceeds, Keeler warned, “some fans will not be able to continue matches for their club in the future, simply because (the club) might not be there.”
Keeler revealed that there are several scenarios that will be discussed in next Thursday’s meeting, including those related to examinations of players and technical staff every few days in the event of resumption of activity, and this process needs to conduct about 20 thousand checks in order to complete the league.
Keeler emphasized that football “does not claim a special role for itself” in German society, noting that he does not want the tests to put pressure on the health system in the country by saying: “We are fully aware of what are the priorities.”
However, the move to stage matches without an audience was met with widespread criticism from fans’ associations. One of the fans’s groups, Franzinzen Deutschland, said in a statement last week that “an imminent resumption of the season will be an absolute mockery of society. Professional football has been sick for a long time, and it must remain In isolation. ”


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