The General Women’s Union launches the Women’s Health Initiative – Across the Emirates – News and Reports


Within the framework of the General Women’s Union’s endeavor to build women’s capabilities to confront new societal phenomena, the “Be Safe Bridge” initiative was launched to enhance the physical and psychological health of women in light of the spread of the Corona virus in the current situation.

Noura Khalifa Al Suwaidi, Director of the General Women’s Union said that the National Strategy for Empowering and Entrepreneurial Women 2015-2021 and with the generous guidance of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, President of the General Women’s Union and President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, the Supreme President of the Family Development Foundation included a strategic goal that works to enhance women’s capabilities in the face of phenomena Emerging society and emphasizing its role in the success of the state’s efforts in facing crises and emergencies.

She added that this new initiative is a continuation of the previous efforts of the General Women’s Union, which is represented in the Be Ready project, in our paramedic house, and your health is under a microscope.

Al Suwaidi praised the efforts made by the nation’s rational leadership and its continuous supervision of the efforts of various institutions to contain the misfortune of the Corona virus, as the UAE is taking a proactive approach that explores all challenges in light of the crisis facing the world in facing the Corona virus, as the UAE has demonstrated to the world its readiness to deal with Emergency.

She also thanked and appreciated everyone, especially the first line of defense from the medical sector, noting that the UAE daughter has proven to the world that she is competent and a measure of responsibility.

Al-Suwaidi stressed the importance of integrating roles between men and women within the family system in a manner that guarantees family stability and enables them to safely overcome this crisis.

For her part, Ahlam Al-Lamki, Director of Research and Development, said that this initiative focuses on providing health, psychological and social support to women so that they can balance their lives and deal positively with the current challenges, based on several pillars, the most important of which is that women are a strategic partner in development and must contribute to The success of the state’s efforts in this field, and the challenges that the current situation imposed on the lives of citizens and residents have created a kind of tension that may reflect negatively on the health of women, and therefore it is important to empower women with the basic skills to balance in the wheel of their life in a way that contributes to promoting health The physical and psychological health of women, which will reflect positively on their family and community surroundings on the one hand, as well as contributing to the success of the work experiences and distance education on the other hand.

Al-Lamki pointed out that the initiative will focus on three main axes: supporting the physical and psychological health of women, the successful management of life and safety and the environment in the home, where these axes will be activated through capacity-building programs for optimal use of time, environmental safety guidelines at home, in addition to the use of specialists and expertise Providing awareness, counseling, health and psychological counseling and other related topics.



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