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Duration / A family that knows no tranquility. This may be the best description of the Kadrashan family, who always makes the headlines of foreign newspapers and websites with their countless crises, the last of which was a hand quarrel between the two sisters Kim and Chloe Kardashian.

In the following report, we review the full story of Kim’s and Chloe Kardashian’s quarrel: –

Hot streak

The weeks of the 18th season of the series Keeping up with kardshains, which monitors the life of the Kardashian stars in detail, began daily, and during the events of the last weekly episode, a dispute broke out between Kim Kardashian and her sister Chloe, which ended in a hot relationship between the two parties.


Hours after the episode was aired, Courtney Kardashian announced her withdrawal from Keeping up with kardshains through a blog post on Twitter.

Episodes from the 18th season of the series Keeping up with kardshians revealed that there were disagreements between Courtney and her sister Kim and Chloe Kardashian, however, Courtney has more important projects than the reality series that details the life of the Kardashian family stars.

Wounds and injuries

During the presentation of the new weekly episode, Kim Kardashian showed serious injuries to her shoulders and arms after a hand quarrel with her sister Courtney.

Courtney Kardashian appeared during the new episode of the series Keeping up with kardshians, crying, saying: “Participation in a series based on our family life is like torture, as if it were stuck in a dirty trap.

Mother’s Comment

Chris Jenner commented on the events of the last week’s episode of the series Keeping up with kardshians after her two daughters Kim and Courteney beat each other over differences.

Chris Jenner tweeted from her personal account on the social blogging site Twitter: “I was in Paris and my daughters were fighting, I swear – I couldn’t leave anyone in them for 5 minutes.”


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