The frequency of the Lebanese channel Aljadeed TV 2020 on Nilesat received a strong signal


After the return of the new channel to the scene again, many followers and viewers are searching for the channel frequency on the Nilesat satellite, and for this we are here on our website to provide everything that your dear reader requests immediately, and we present to you here the new channel frequency, and its latest update until right Now.

This channel was previously broadcast with another name, and the channel was closed, but it started to work again, and it was closed for several years, and previously it achieved great fame, so when the channel came back again the followers remembered the content of this channel, and the extent of their attachment to it, so they started Once again search for hesitation to enjoy it.

The channel is broadcast in Lebanon, and it is one of the channels that achieved fame in Lebanon in particular, and in the Arab world in general, so one should not deny the importance and role of this channel in our lives, because the content presented by the channel is very attractive content that contains many series and movies Various programs.

The new channel is considered one of the distinct channels because it provides strong content, and the content is largely social, and this is what made the viewers have the ability to follow, in addition to that the channel displays the events that exist in the country, and in the Arab world in general in addition to everything that happens in the world, and thus The citizen is in a state of communication and knowledge with everything that is going on outside the astronomy in which he lives.

Al Jadeed channel frequency

We present to you the following table through Al-Nahda News website, which monitors for you the best frequency for the new channel via the Nilesat satellite, so that viewers all over the Arab world can follow all the broadcasts via the frequency of the new channel 2020.

The new channel frequency came as follows:

Channel name



Coding rate

correcting the mistake

New channel





Al Jadeed channel frequency

  • Channel name: Al-Jadeed channel

  • Frequency: 12130

  • Polarization: vertical

  • Coding rate: 27500

  • Error correction: 5/6

Enjoy the channel only when you set the device to the channel frequency, it is a free channel, you can set the channel to the next frequency 12130, and the codec is 27500, and for the error correction factor it is 5/6, so set the channel to your device and enjoy the strongest movies, programs and series And everything you need is in the new.


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