The Free Patriotic Movement provided news about transferring billions of dollars abroad


The Central Committee of Information of the “Free Patriotic Movement” confirmed, in a statement, that “in the context of completing its battle to recover the smuggled money abroad and after taking several steps with the Central Bank and in the House of Representatives, Representative Ziyad Aswad commissioned by the Free Patriotic Movement and its President Gibran Bassil to inform To the discriminatory Attorney General, Judge Ghassan Aouidat, regarding the transfer of billions of dollars abroad in 2019, especially after October 17, in a discretionary manner and the continuation of this matter to date, which weighed heavily on the economy and affected depositors, especially the younger ones. The current appended to him this with supporting documents to rely on, Calling for the necessary judicial and legal measures to be taken to prosecute the perpetrators of these acts and to return the money. ”

She explained that “the current will soon submit a law proposal to approach this issue from the standpoint of stopping the continuous bleeding from the country’s cash reserves and recovering what we have lost”, and that “the current will complete its fight against corruption in the parliament and in the judiciary seriously and accurately away from the populist bidding, hoping that political parties will meet And the judges and society in this battle, to be able to liberate Lebanon from the most dangerous epidemic, which is corruption. “

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