The former French Sports Minister calls on his country to change the project to host the 2024 Olympics


The former French Sports Minister and currently a member of the International Olympic Committee, Jay DrewSunday, that the Olympic project 2024 in Paris had become inappropriate in the context of the current situation following an outbreak novel coronavirus, Calling for its renewal.

“The project has become inconsistent with reality, although its spirit should not be compromised, but we must review its methods and focus on the basic matters. The first priority is the need to re-evaluate the budget that will be spent,” the former Olympic champ said in statements to France Info radio.

The 69-year-old highlighted that the current crisis greatly affects daily life and the economy, and is forced to rethink the societal model.

Drew added: (The Olympic and Paralympic Games have not become an exception to what is happening now), stressing at the same time that the Olympic project for the French capital has become “old-fashioned and not consistent with reality” and must be more (sobriety and responsibility).

The former French President, Jacques Chirac, has emphasized in previous statements that it is necessary for everyone to think in a new way to establish the next versions of this major sporting event, not only in Paris, but in the versions that follow.

He also suggested reducing the number of sports participating in this event in order to rationalize expenses, as well as to hold some competitions in one place, regardless of the organizing country.


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