The Football Association sets the scenarios for the return of the league and welcomes its end in September


The officials of the five-year committee of the Football Association headed by Amr Al-Janayni put more than one scenario for the return of the general league competition in light of the committee’s refusal to cancel the league for the current season 2019 – 2020 due to the spread of Corona virus, especially after the decision of the African Football Confederation “K”, to postpone the match of the Egyptian national team Against Kenya in the Africa Cup of Nations 2021 qualifiers, which was scheduled for next June, next to FIFA’s decisions to extend players ’contracts until the end of the current season, whatever the end date .

Revealed Football officials There is a great opportunity to resume the general league competition until June 10, after the Egypt team’s match against Kenya in the fifth round of the African Nations Qualifiers 2021 was postponed, until it ends in late August.

The Football Association officials continued that they are setting a tentative date for the next May 15 to resume the league championship, but the postponement of the match gave them a new opportunity to resume the league until June 10, until it ends in August, especially since the Football Association does not want to cancel the current season.

The Football Association is also considering giving an opportunity to end the current season until September if necessary, provided that the new season begins late in the same month, provided that the current stopping period is considered a rest period between the two seasons, in light of the negative comfort that the players currently get .


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