The first shots from Chris Hemsworth’s new Extraction movie on Netflix


Network announced Netflix, About asking Her movie New action ExtractionThrough the launch of a promotional video for the new work that will be shown on the network on April 24, through the network’s official account on the YouTube video site, with a duration of one hour and 56 minutes, to be starred by world star Chris Hemsworth, who is involved in production. Also.

Movie ExtractionIt revolves around Tyler Rick (Chris Hemsworth), one of the mercenary soldiers who carries out his duties on the black market, and now he has a new mission, where he must save the son of one of the largest criminals in the wake of international crimes, but in the hidden world of arms and drug dealers, this difficult task Almost impossible, Rick and the boy’s life are in danger all the time.

The new movie is based on action, excitement, and thrill, directed by Sam Hargrave Extraction Produced by my company AGBO Films And theTGIM Films, IncIt was produced by Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, Mike Laroka, Chris Hemsworth, Eric Geter, and Peter Schwerin.

Movie Extraction Starring, David Harper, Golshvati Farhani, Derek Locke, Pankaj Tripathi, Randeep Hoda, Mark Donato, Chris Jay Alex, Jitanjali Thapa, Mir Sarwar, Hayes Wilford.

Netflix also announced the cancellation of a series V WarsAfter one season was released on December 5 last year, she released 10 episodes, her ratings ranged between 7 and 7.8, on IMDBAccording to the report published on the website “deadlineThe work is based on Jonathan Mabere’s best-selling book.V-Wars, Which was launched in 2012, and preparation for the series began in 2014.

The book based on the series was previously published in 2012 IDW , Who first appeared as a collection of prose stories chronicling the first vampire war, and actor Ian Somerhalder’s role as Dr. Luther Swan, who enters a world of terror and transforms his mysterious disease as his best friend, into a deadly predator feeding on other humans, with disease spreading and changing The greater the number of people, society is divided into opposing camps between natural persons against the increasing number of these “vampires”.


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