The fact that Saleh Al-Shehri has permanently transferred to Al-Hilal .. The major’s leader will decide it


Fahad Al-Mutawa, the Al-Raed club president, revealed the developments of Saleh Al-Shehri, the first team soccer striker, who loaned to Al-Hilal, to the leader.

And moved the monthly “26 years”, in the last summer Mercato, to Al Hilal, for one sports season on loan, where he participated with the leader in 17 games so far, during which he scored 7 goals and made only one Assist.

Al-Mutawa denied, in statements to the newspaper, “Al-Riyadh”, that Al-Hilal submitted any official offer to extend the two-month loan or buy it permanently in the coming summer.

He added: “So far … it can be said that al-Shehri will return to the pilot, beginning in the next season, when he will have two years left in his contract with us.”

Al-Mutawa announced the approval of Al-Shehri’s move to Al Hilal, in case the latter’s board of directors submitted a proposal to that, saying: “The priority remains for the leader in the deal.”

Fahd Al-Mutawa praised the player, Saleh Al-Shehri, for the impressive level he plays with Al-Hilal, as he has the highest average goals compared to the minutes he participates with the leader.


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