The fact that Amr Diab participated in the opera “You are stronger”


The artist Wael Jassar published a promotional poster for a song called “You are Stronger”, with the participation of him and a group of artists, composed by Amr Mostafa, the words of Medhat El-Adl, and the distribution of Nader Hamdi.

Al-Nahar learned from sources close to the artist Amr Diab that what Jassar published has nothing to do with the opera from near or far, and that Diab did not record any new song and knew nothing about the operetta.

A number of doctors and nurses will participate in photographing the opera, and it will be shown on all channels at the same time. The work is being prepared 11 days ago, and its makers hope that it will come out in a way that is appropriate to be Egypt’s message to humanity.

His words say: “Every day the sun rises, dictates the light of existence … Every good moment transcends hearts and roses … It is the light of humanity that transcends boundaries … You are stronger … You remain … the secret of the mysteries of life … Extend your hand above my prayer of love and deity … rich in the great love of hope … long live life. “

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