“The expulsion of the Sultan, the insult of Sami Al-Jaber, and the return to the stadiums again” .. Al-Owairan detonates it


Happy came out Al-Owairan, the legend of Al-Shabab and the Saudi national team, has fiery statements about several of them Important spherical files.

Al-Owairan is one of the football legends in Saudi Arabia, where he participated in 598 matches of the youth club Nadi, during which he scored 238 goals, and he played 75 international meetings with Al-Akhdar, in which he scored 24 goals, the most famous of them being in Belgium’s goal in the 1994 World Cup.

In an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Al-Owairan, 52, blew up a large-scale surprise about his desire to return to playing football again, for at least half a season.

Al-Owairan revealed in his dialogue, that he will take an administrative position in Al-Shabab club, in the near future, desiring the departure of Khaled Al-Baltan, the current Chairman of Al-Leith, and another assumption of activity, enthusiasm and ambition.

And he explained the Saudi football legend, the fact that he disagreed with the legend of Al-Hilal and the Saudi national team, Sami Al-Jaber, which has spread strongly in the media during the past days.

* The following are the most prominent statements of Saeed Al-Aweiran, in his interview with Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper.

– I am thinking of going back to playing football again, for at least half a season.

– I will take a management position in the youth club, in the near future.

Young people from top Saudi clubs, and the media deliberately ignoring his accomplishments.

I don’t like the situation of young people now. The team has been in decline over the past years.

– Young people need an enthusiastic and energetic president with ambition instead of Khaled Al-Baltan.

– The best goals in my international career with the national team against Belgium, Argentina and Colombia.

– I cannot forget my goal from a corner kick, in the range of Al Hilal.

– I am the main reason for the increase in the Asian teams’ seats in the World Cup.

Sami Al-Jaber is a great legend, and some people are trying to drive a wedge between us.

– I did not report any abuse to Al-Jaber, and my criticism of him was due to his failure as a coach with the youth.


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