The English Premier League: great financial losses!


The English Premier League could lose more than a billion pounds if the season is not completed.

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The Premier League losses are expected to reach more than one billion pounds, and it is expected that many clubs will experience economic collapse if the football season is not completed.

Premier League President Richard Masters explained this in a letter to the British government’s Sports, Culture and Media Department.

In the letter, Masters stressed that if the problems that result from the big losses are not solved, many companies and soccer teams “will be forced to close.”

So he defended the difference’s welcome for the British government’s procedures under which the government would pay 80% of the company’s salaries to the company in exchange for the company’s 20%

The comments of Masters, Sports Minister Gallian Knight, who asked the “Premier League” to stop “defending what cannot be defended,” did not like, pointing out that thinking that clubs are being used “moderately” by government aid is ridiculous.

The Premier League has demanded in the past few days to reduce player wages by 30%, which the Football Association of England players did not like, because there is no guarantee for the side to which that money will be directed, which will also harm the government’s taxes from wages, and hence the system General health.

Teams like Tottenham and Newcastle welcomed the government’s actions to support its non-player workers, while Liverpool initially accepted it, but under pressure from its fans, it backed away from the move.

Manchester United and Manchester City have announced that they will not resort to the government assistant.

Masters warnings are consistent with what the president of the English Football Federation, Greg Clark, has confirmed that many clubs may disappear if this situation continues for a period of time.


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