The dollar stabilizes with the anticipation of the US and European economic centers – the world central today


The US dollar stabilized today, Tuesday, with a state of anticipation prevailing in the currency markets before the meeting of the Federal Reserve (the American Central Bank) and the European Central Bank this week, while a new drop in oil prices led to caution about risk.

The US currency was stable against most major currencies, with the exception of the New Zealand Dollar, which fell as a result of expectations of more monetary easing.

The drop in the global benchmark Brent crude 5% and the US crude 13%, while it does not foretell the good of the global demand, stopped the gains of the Australian dollar, which recovered 17% from the lowest level in 17 years that it fell last month.

And markets are looking for any future guidance from the Federal Reserve, which is meeting today, and is due to issue a statement tomorrow and from the largest possible easing in Europe. The European Central Bank will meet on Thursday.

The dollar was steady against a basket of currencies at 100.1000, the same level throughout the month. But it fell slightly against the Japanese currency to 107.17 yen and rose slightly against the euro and sterling.

The single currency recorded $ 1.0821. The pound fell slightly to $ 1.2412 after Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that easing tough isolation measures in Britain would be very dangerous.

The Australian dollar fell slightly to $ 0.6450 after making gains over four consecutive sessions, thanks to optimism about the reopening of the global economy.



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