The death of the Turkish artist Turhan Kaya, the hero of the series Valley of the Wolves, with the virus of Corona


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The Turkish actor “Turhan Kaya”, the hero of the Valley of the Wolves series (69 years), died from infection with the emerging corona virus.

The Turkish “CNN” channel, which reported and translated the New York Post, said that Torhan was complaining of an acute cough about 10 days ago, after which he was transferred to the hospital.

She noted that the health of the artist Turhan had deteriorated, and he was transferred to the intensive care room until he died shortly after.

The channel said that people who had contact with the late Turhan, including his mother, sister and son, were examined, but the results were negative.

The family of the Turkish artist claimed that he was infected with the virus in hospital.

Turhan Kaya was born in 1951, studied in the Department of Television Film at Yeditepe University in 2011, studied acting at York St. John University in England for a while and then completed performance training in creative chaos in Italy.



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