The date of the silk market series, the seventh episode of the artist Bassem Koussa, via MBC 1 and the dates of the replay


We present to you, in this article, the date of the presentation of the series Souk El Harir, the seventh episode, which has increased in search through various search sites, where he achieved great success after the presentation of his first episodes, and reached very large proportions of viewing, as the events in this series revolve around an existing realistic issue In the entire Arab world, especially the Gulf countries, a large number of artists participate in this work.

The date of the silk market series, the seventh episode

All followers can follow the episodes of this series throughout the month of Ramadan on MBC 1 at exactly eleven o’clock pm Saudi Arabia time, and ten o’clock in the evening, the time of the Arab Republic of Egypt, in addition to its presentation on the LBC channel in the dates shown before you.

And participated in this work a large number of the brightest stars in Syria, led by artist Bassam Koussa, Karis Bashar, Tahseen Beik / Saloum Haddad, Qamar Khalaf, Milad Youssef, and other artists.

Syrian series events, the silk market

This series takes place between 1950 and 1960, in one of the Shami neighborhoods about a person named Imran, who was living away from his country and his family, and is exposed to an accident that causes him to lose his memory, and return again to the place from which he fled when he was young, to suffer from the conflict of the past and the present.


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