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The General Secretariat of the Council of Senior Scholars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recommended to all Muslims to prepare for the blessed month of Ramadan by returning to God Almighty and holding the soul accountable and determined to obey, calling on God Almighty to inform everyone of his fasting and resurrection, and to help him mention and thank him and good worship. This came in a statement issued near the advent of the month of Ramadan.

The following is the text of the statement issued by the General Secretariat of the Council of Senior Scholars in Saudi Arabia:

This holy season is a great season that Muslims are blessed with coming, because of its good deeds, blessings and effusions, as it was proven in the two Sahihs from the hadith of Abu Hurairah, may God be pleased with him, on the authority of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, that he said: (Every work of Ibn Adam has for him; Seven hundred times, God Almighty said: Except for fasting, it is mine and I will be rewarded for it, that he left his lust, food and drink for my sake. The fasting person has two joys: joy at his break, and joy at the meeting of his Lord, and for the fear of the mouth of the fasting person is better with God than the wind of musk).

So the reward for fasting is double in relation to all other deeds, and fasting the month of Ramadan is doubled over the rest of the fast, because of the honor of his time, and being the fast that God imposed on His servants, and made his fasting one of the pillars of Islam on which he was built.
Let the Muslim know that it is not possible to draw closer to God Almighty by leaving the permissible desires in a state other than fasting, such as eating and drinking, except after approaching God Almighty by leaving what He has forbidden in every case of lying, fraud, theft and other prohibitions. The Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “Whoever does not call for false speech and ignorance, and ignorance, there is no need for God to leave his food and drink.” Bukhari included it.

Those who hope to be freed from the fire during the month of Ramadan should bring the reasons that lead – God willing – to this, and they are available in this holy month, from the establishment of prayer imposed and dawned, fasting, charity and charity, and the frequent recitation of the Qur’an, remembrance of God, forgiveness and sincere repentance to God Almighty.

And with this great preaching of the coming of this blessed month, and with what the world is witnessing from the Corona pandemic, Muslims should set an example in carrying out their acts with full adherence to the preventive and precautionary measures that are required and directed by the competent authorities in their countries and the countries in which they reside; Islamic law came In various acts of worship without causing harm to the one who performed it or causing it to others, in the hadith narrated by Imran bin Husayn, may God be pleased with them, he said: It was with me hemorrhoids, so I asked the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and said: (Pray standing up, if you cannot go on, if you cannot On the one hand) Al-Bukhari included it .

And God Almighty set out the prayer of fear in his noble book, and I shouted from the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him in his Sunnah, which changes its form and characteristic of the usual prayer as a mercy to his servants and kindness to them, and to preserve their lives.
He also arranged the great reward for charity and spending in obedience to God provided that no actual or verbal harm should be followed towards the one who gave charity to him. The Almighty said: (Those who spend their money for the sake of God then do not follow what was spent from them nor harm their wages with their Lord nor fear for them nor they grieve A well-known saying and forgiveness is better than charity followed by harm, and God is rich.

All this shows: Islam came to protect the human soul and its necessary and necessary interests. God Almighty said: (And do not kill yourselves, God was merciful to you) and Almighty said: (For this reason we wrote to the children of Israel that he who killed a person without a soul or corruption on earth is as if he killed all people and whoever revived them as if he revived all people).

Let the Muslim know that the principle of taking precautionary and preventive measures is established in Islamic law. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: (Flee from the leper as he escaped from the lion) Narrated by Al-Bukhari from the hadith of Abu Hurairah, may God be pleased with him. It is proven in Sahih Muslim from the hadith of Jabir bin Abdullah, may God be pleased with them, that he was in a cultural delegation a leper, so the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, sent to him: (Go back, we lost you). In the two Sahih Sahihs from the hadeeth of Abu Hurairah, may God be pleased with him, he said: The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: (Do not give a nurse to a clinic). And he, peace and blessings be upon him, said: (If you hear the plague of land, do not enter it, and if it falls to the land while you are in it, do not get out of it) Agreed upon by the hadith of Osama bin Zaid, may God be pleased with them.

And based on the foregoing legal texts indicating the necessity of preserving oneself, and what it indicated of the necessity of guarding in the event of a pandemic, and what is decided by the rules of the glorious Sharia that: “There is no harm or harm” and from the rules that derive from it: “And based on what was proven in the documented medical reports related to this pandemic, which clarified the speed of transmission between people in a way that threatens their lives, and stressed the importance of people adhering to precautionary and preventive measures.”

Based on the above statement, the General Secretariat of the Council of Senior Religious Scholars recommended the following Muslims:

First: the necessity of taking full care of the decisions of the competent authorities in their countries or the countries in which they reside, which aim to preserve public health and limit the spread of the new Corona epidemic.

Second: The Muslim should pray the obligatory prayer and Taraweeh at his home if the competent authority in his country or the country in which he resides recommends this.

Third: The Muslim avoids gatherings, given that the gathering is considered the main cause of the spread of infection according to the relevant medical reports, including: Iftar and communal suhoor, so that the Muslim invokes while he breaks his fast in his house and that he is so charming that he preserves the lives of people and in that is a great closeness to God Almighty.

Fourth: Good Muslims should be counted as wages for spending and alms, and they should pay the zakat that God assumed for them; they should consider this to be within the frameworks that do not contradict the recommendations of the competent authorities in preventing congestion and gatherings and other means of transmission.

The General Secretariat of the Council of Senior Scholars said: “Let the Muslim in all of this be an example of a good citizen and resident, who is interested in the interest of the country and the people, and to know that he is a follower of this true religion, which is a mercy to the worlds, and is bound by Islamic law that came in the public and private interest. And we ask God Almighty that He makes us whoever understands this holy month to fast and do it in faith and computation, and to be one who observes his fasting, seizes obedience to his nights and days, and takes away from us and the whole world this epidemic, and makes the consequences benign that he is the guardian of that and capable of it. ”



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