The Council of Ministers adopts a decision to grant paid leave to some exceptional cases from employees of the federal government – localities – other


The Cabinet, headed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, approved granting paid leave for some exceptional cases from employees in the federal government, as part of a package of precautionary decisions and measures taken by the UAE government to prevent the emerging corona virus (Coveed – 19).

In detail, the decision provides for the possibility of granting a married employee or a married employee in the federal government an exceptional leave and a gross salary for the care of children who are not more than 16 years old and excluding from the age requirement the children of people of determination, in the event that the other husband of the employee is placed in a domestic or health quarantine, This required that his family not be in contact with a decision of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection or the local health authority.

The decision also includes employees whose husbands or wives work in one of the vital health jobs such as doctors, nurses, paramedics or other medical technical jobs whose tasks require direct contact with patients infected with the emerging coronavirus, or working in centers designated for quarantine operations, throughout the emergency period Witnessed by the state.

According to the decision, the ministry or federal agency in technical jobs of greatest importance can decide to continue to work remotely for the employee rather than leave.

It is worth noting that the decision comes in light of the UAE government’s keenness to support employees and provide them with a safe and healthy work environment in general, and to preserve the health of employees and the safety of their families in particular, especially in light of the current conditions, which require redoubling efforts and work for additional and long hours, and mixing with those infected with the virus in Some exceptions.




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