The composer Khaled Adel entered a coma and put him on a respirator because he had Corona, and Tamer Hosni sponsored his treatment.


Composer Khaled Adel entered a brain coma in intensive care at the Shubra General Hospital (east Cairo), and was also placed on ventilators, according to his brother, engineer Hussam Adel, where the composer Khaled Adel suffers from water on the lung and around the heart, and bloody toxicity resulting Cellular inflammation of the two glands, along with problems with the spleen and kidney failure long ago.

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The star, Tamer Hosni, had announced his sponsorship of Khaled Adel financially, and he was transferred to a private hospital, but his health deteriorated, which prevented him from entering the private hospital.

The brother of the composer Khaled Adel Hossam said in press statements: “Khaled suffers from severe pneumonia (which is symptoms of corona), as we were unable to transfer him to the private hospital as we had previously decided in agreement with the artist Tamer Hosni, due to his critical health condition.”

It is worth noting that the last work of the composer Khaled Adel, his art, was completed by filming the song “Mish Bel Kalam” with the singer Amina Mohamed, which is written by Farid Mohamed Farid, and distributed by Sharif Mansour


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