The complete list of Syrian and Lebanese series in Ramadan 2020


Every year in Ramadan, we used to compete with Arab drama in the Ramadan race on the Gulf channels, trying to attract the audience from Egyptian drama, and strive with all their strength to highlight their work, especially since most of them take the stamp of history that all Arab countries are keen to watch.

But this year due to the pandemic of the new Corona virus, which invaded the world, many Syrian-Lebanese co-production were forced to stop, and to distance themselves from the Ramadan race, yet some works are still accelerating in the race and topping the list of the race, and among those series “Lad Adam, the Magician, the Sculptor, the Silk Market, An interview with Mr. Adam, Mania, Darren, Someday, the second part of the Haramalek, the Guardian of Jerusalem, Broker, the Joker, the second part of the comedy series simply, Boy and Girl, The Sweetest Days.

What will you read?

A general idea of ​​the Syrian and Lebanese business package.

The list of Syrian and Lebanese works scheduled to be broadcast during the month of Ramadan includes a number of series, including what revolves in an interesting social framework, and another that takes the youthful form of university life, and another takes us to the world of crime and forensic medicine, and the Syrian artist “Abed Fahd” takes us in a romantic love story with the artist Heba Al-Toukhi, and the Syrian drama does not forget the historical events presented through “Al-Haramlik,” and the Jerusalem guard comes to discuss the life of a Christian cleric, then a police series comes to enter the race, and the race is not without entertainment and laughter in comedy series.

The series “Sons of Adam”

Because of Corona, the children of “Adam’s Children” team stopped filming for nearly a month, but with precautionary measures, they return with full force to resume filming to join the show during Ramadan.

The series is written by Rami Koussa, directed by Laith Hajo, starring “Qais El Sheikh, Naguib Maxim Khalil, Maggie Bogson of Lebanon, and Daniela Rahma, who take us to work events in an exciting and interesting framework through the characters of the series.

The series “Silk Market”

The series is written by writer Hanan Al-Mahraji, directed by the two brothers, Bassam Al Mulla and Moamen Al Mulla, and starring “Bassam Koussa, Salloum Haddad, and Qamar Khalaf.

The events of the series take place in a social framework that tells of the 1950s in Damascus.

The series “The Magician”

The series “The Magician” will be starring “Syrian artist Abed Fahd, Lebanese artist Stephanie Saliba, and written by Salam Kasiri, written and written by Hazem Suleiman and directed by Amer Fahd.

The series revolves around a man of a special and distinctive character with a look and charisma, which takes him to the world of businessmen, and from here the work reaps many interesting scenes that we will follow through modernity.

The series “The Sculptor”

The series includes the Syrian sculptor, the Syrian artist Basil Khayat, and the Algerian artist Amal Bouchoucha, and it is written by Buthaina Awad and directed by Magdi Al-Smeiri, who is a Tunisian director.

The action revolves around the protagonist of the series, who wants to study sculpture at the university and is in conflict with his mother because of her refusal to do so.

The series “Mania”

The series starring the Syrian artist, Abed Fahd, and the Lebanese artist Heba El Toukhi, and was written by Nadia Al Ahmar and directed by Mohamed Lotfi.

The events of the series take place in the context of a romantic love story between the plastic surgeon who is crazy about the love of his wife, who has an accident, and departs life in a clinical way, then the events of the work that show the doctor’s obsession with his wife continue.

The series “Interview with Mr. Adam”

This work is among the books and directed by Fadi Selim, and starring Syrian artist Ghassan Masoud, who takes us to exciting and interesting events about the world of crime and forensic medicine, after his family was struck by a disaster.

The series “Al-Haramlik”

And viewers view the heroes of the series Al-Haramlik in the second part, which was written by Suleiman Abdel Aziz, and directed by Tamer Ishaq.

The events of the series revolve around the Ottoman Empire, which declares bankruptcy, and the Sultan is deposed at that stage.

The series “The Jerusalem Guard”

And the Jerusalem Guard series comes to tell the life of the Christian cleric “Elaryon Kabouji” who wrote on the same service of the Palestinian cause, was arrested by the Israelis, and we watch interesting events that tell the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The series is starring “Rashid Assaf, written by Hassan Yousef, and directed by Basil Al-Khatib.

The series “The Joker”

The Syrian drama comes with a police action called “The Joker”. The events revolve around a murder in a university, and the Joker comes to reveal the crime.

Comedy works during Ramadan

Arab drama is not devoid of comedy series, and the series comes simply, in the second part to participate in the Ramadan race, and the participation of the boy and girl, and then the Syrian series? The sweetest days likely to be shown after a postponement from last year.

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