The cheapest types of cars in Egypt .. A new buying opportunity


In light of the current Corona crisis that hit the whole world, the Egyptian auto market is witnessing a great depression, which has paralyzed its income due to a significant stop in the buying and selling movement after the reluctance of a number of coming to buy new cars for fear of going out to the galleries so that they are not exposed to a mosque virus infection .

Another reason that led to the recession in the car market at the present time is the lack of supply of new cars within the Egyptian market, due to the suspension of a large number of international companies, their income due to the implementation of the instructions of those countries in adhering to the precautionary measures that it pursues to confront the emerging Corona virus, which led To stop the car assembly factories in Egypt, as there are no components that are imported from abroad from those factories.

But there are those who eagerly follow the process of lowering prices of new cars well through the websites of official agents, seeking to buy a new car at a simple price and good potential and less consumption of gasoline.

We will review, through the current report, the cars that are the least expensive cars in Egypt and its specifications, whose price does not exceed 150 thousand pounds.

The Zuti Z100 for 2020 is ranked first in Chinese origin, and its specifications are as follows:

The small hatchback has a single class and quad-engine, with a capacity of 1100 cc, and has a power of 75 hp, a five-speed manual transmission and an average fuel consumption of 5.3 liters per 100 km and a price of 120 thousand pounds.

As for the second place, the Suzuki Alto for 2020, which is of Japanese origin, and its specifications are as follows:

The small hatchback has one class and has a 4-cylinder 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 800 cc capacity of 47 hp, a 5-speed manual transmission and the average fuel consumption of 3 liters per 100 km, and the price is 130 thousand pounds.

While the 2020 Lada Granta car of Russian origin got third place, and its specifications are as follows:

The compact sedan has an old-fashioned class, a 1600cc engine with 87 horsepower, and a vehicle’s average fuel consumption of 5.3 per 100 km, and its price tag is 143,000 pounds.


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