The career of Roberto Carlos was destroyed .. who is the reason?


The legend of Brazil and Real Madrid, Roberto Carlos, succeeded in recording his name in letters of gold in football records, but in that long march there were people who stood in the way of the dreams of the “royal” star, and tried to destroy his football career.
Roberto Carlos was creative in the center of the left-back, and his speed, great physical strength, and sudden breakthrough that always helped his teammates to score goals helped him, as he was very distinguished in shooting the set pieces in a very elaborate way.The period that Carlos spent with Inter Milan is one of the most unsuccessful periods of his life, due to coach Roy Hodgson’s insistence that the Brazilian star be involved in the middle of the field, opposite his original position, which made the player move to Real Madrid.

According to several major Spanish newspapers, Carlos said: “Roy Hodgson destroyed me in Inter, made me play in midfield, I had no opportunity to play for the national team, and there was the Copa America in 1997.”

He added: We did not agree very well, but I did not know much about European football, I spoke to Moratti and asked him to allow me to leave and then I went to Madrid with Fabio Capello, and then changed my life for the better.

And Capello helped Carlos shine firmly into the stronghold of the Santiago Bernabeu, where the Brazilian player considered him the most important coach he coached in his career, because he gave him confidence and helped him develop until he fulfilled his dreams.


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