The British medical sector awarded 85,000 free games


The British medical sector awarded 85,000 free games

Wednesday, 29 April 2020 16:30

I wrote – Mennat Allah Jamal:

Frontline health workers in Britain are being given free access to video games by some of the biggest game companies, thanks to their efforts during the COVID-19 virus epidemic.

The initiative, called Games for Carers, has been supported by the likes of EA, Sega, Xbox and Konami, and you will see over 85,000 games across a range of genres, ratings and platforms available for free download.

The initial idea for Games for Carers came from Scottish video game journalist Chris Scullion, and she gained strength on Twitter before getting support from the Ukie gaming trade association.

According to the CEO

Ukie, Dr. Jo Twist, has designed the initiative to help NHS workers enjoy some downtime.

He added: “We hope this initiative will contribute somewhat to helping them understand their respect and appreciation. NHS employees who wish to request a game or free game subscription can do so by visiting and entering their NHS email address.”


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