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Lebanese newspapers published this morning focused Monday 04-27-2020 in Beirut on the intensification of the conflict between two approaches; an approach devoted by Hassan Diab, who is determined to leave his mark, as the first prime minister who dares to try to dig out the strongholds of the corrupt regime, and an approach perpetuated by those affected by this process, describing it as a coup Sometimes, sometimes with revenge. But between this and that, the economic meltdown continues to accelerate, and Riad Salama continues to be lavished with his circulars deepening the crisis.

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The party bank threatens stability

NewsThe conflict intensifies between two approaches: an approach enshrined in Hassan Diab, who insists on leaving his mark, as the first prime minister who dares to try to dig out the strongholds of the corrupt regime, and an approach perpetuated by those affected by this process, describing it as a coup d’etat and sometimes retaliation. But between this and that, the economic meltdown continues to accelerate, and Riad Salama continues to be lavished with his circulars deepening the crisis. The most dangerous thing witnessed in the past few days is the sectarian attack to protect the approach represented by Salama, before the former MP Walid Jumblatt crowned the campaign by accusing his “opponents” of attempting a coup. It is worth noting that his words addressed to the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun and Hezbollah, were issued on a Saudi platform. Is he exclusively excited, like other comrades in the party of the bank, to defend his wealth that Hassan Diab is threatening when he says that 98 percent of the deposits will not be affected, which means by virtue of touching 2 percent of them, which belongs to Jumblatt and his peers who influenced the account of the rest of the classes the society? Or did the man decide, once again, with other members of the 2 percent party, to venture to stabilize the country, in security, by moving the street and riding the wave of protesters on the results of the economic collapse, to implement the Saudi-Western agenda that Saad Hariri refused to pursue in November 2017?

Political indicators, rhetorically and on the ground, only suggest that the country is being pushed into a security shake-up. On the one hand, it is driven by “the dynamics of the economic meltdown”, and on the other hand the adventures of Jumblatt and his comrades in the bank party, who want to prevent any change and continue the approach that brought the country to collapse, even at the expense of general stability. In any case, the conflict is taking place today against the Governor of the Banque du Liban, as the title of a policy that led to what the country is experiencing today.

Without any actual formal move that ends the safety orgy at the central bank, Diab will lose the first round to the ruler, who knew how to strike under the belt, using the help of the weapons of the sects and their leaders, and with a network of interests that fear for their fate and the fate of their funds in his absence. Suddenly, Salama became a representative of “political Sunnis” by Nihad Al-Machnouk in Dar al-Fatwa, the political Maronite in Bkerke, and a guarantee of the exchange rate, by President Nabih Berri, despite having crossed the threshold of 4000 pounds per dollar. It was portrayed as the wronged who was to bear the sins of the ruling class. He only needed to swear by the poor in his name, and be lifted on the shoulders.

Although the price of the dollar is rising, and within 4 days increased more than a thousand pounds, this was not enough for the Banking Party and the 2 percent class to hold the responsibility for whoever holds it legally. Legally, the Bank of Lebanon bears responsibility for cash safety and economic stability. This safety has reached rock bottom. Not only that. Riad Salameh built his glory on the “completion” of fixing the exchange rate of the lira, as the dollar would have five exchange rates. The official price (1515 liras) and the price announced by the Association of Banks, that is, 2600 liras, and the price determined by the safety of the exchange, yesterday, i.e. 3200, and the market price that, in addition to the price resulting from the financial engineering conducted by a number of banks and is estimated at 5460 liras (replacing the dollar Al-Tazaj at $ 2.1 is spent at the rate determined by the Association of Banks).

All this does not matter. The choir for the defense of Salama did her homework perfectly, and she succeeded in this round, but she was not satisfied with the future. Hassan Diab, with his unpredictable actions, cannot be reassured. The most dangerous thing was what Nihad Al-Machnouk said from Dar Al-Fatwa. His announcement that “there is a conspiracy against political Sunni Islam and we will confront it” seemed an explicit threat and a willingness to go far in the conflict.
From Dar Al Fatwa to Bkerke. There, too, the patriarch Bechara al-Rahi stood up. He asked who would benefit from the destabilizing rule of the Bank of Lebanon? And when he saw that such a step would undermine the confidence of the Lebanese and the countries in Lebanon, he came to regard the violation of safety as part of a plan to change Lebanon’s face.

Financial intimidation by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri. He told «Al-Nahar:« If the Bank of Lebanon does not remain, so that everyone knows that the depositors ’money has flown forever», putting his position on this in the context of defending Lebanon and not on safety.
Gibran Bassil’s position seemed surprising in his decline. After he was the spearhead of the Salama sacking project, he took a step back. Did the American ambassador alert him to the “seriousness” of harming the first American deposit in Lebanon, and he declared yesterday that the “state” is also responsible, not safety alone? Or does he exclusively allocate responsibilities based on the advice of the company that provides him with tips for improving the image, so he decided to envelop his sharp stance of safety to the satisfaction of the “party of the bank”?
The most concerned about accountability is Walid Jumblatt. His case is no longer appointed from here or from there. Putting his position in the field of facing the coup approach of the Lebanese President and Hezbollah. He told Saudi Arabia’s Al-Arabiya channel that Hassan Diab had none, adding that “General Aoun has resumed the cancellation policy that he started in 88.”

The bottom line is that the al-Masraf party revealed its teeth. Each of them covers their position with “caution”. But most of them are keen on their personal fortunes, and the fortunes of those close to them that have been inflated with a safety flag. Some of them complain, implicitly, that the Presidents of the Republic and the government did not consult him before submitting an issue about the importance of removing Riad Salama from his post, alluding to the location of the sect he “represents” in the post-Taif regime. Others fear that the “emergency regime” will spread inside the state and “sanctify its holies”, the central bank, while the majority only wants to protect its personal financial interests first, which Salama takes care of.
The completion of the Hassan Diab government battle will be in front of a new station on Tuesday. The Council of Ministers is meeting to complete the discussion of proposals related to what the ministers call “anti-corruption and the recovery of looted money.” According to the deliberately leaked agenda, the discussion will take place:
To conduct an investigation to determine the accounts from which financial transfers were made and to take action against its owner.
Take immediate and effective measures to combat corruption and recover stolen funds.
An expedited draft law on the recovery of transfers abroad, which took place after 10/17/2019.
The response was not late for the affected people, and also for Walid Jumblatt, but this time with the tongue of Wael Abu Faour, the response was, considering the agenda full of revenge. In that, the bank’s party acknowledges that any investigation or accountability means a judgment affecting it.

Major General:

Salama’s fate divides Lebanon .. And Jumblatt is distancing himself from the alliance to drop Aoun
Restoring money and fighting corruption in front of the government tomorrow .. And Al-Markazi obliges cashiers: 3200 dollars

Major GeneralWith the first morning hours, Lebanon is testing the first stage, which begins within a government plan, drawn up by the Public Mobilization Committee, and dealing with the Corona combat plan, as part of the mobilization decisions to see the ability to walk safely in the remaining four stages, which ends on June 8, amid a crisis Sharp, threatening to widen the scope of the clash between the covenant and the government and the Free Patriotic Movement – Hezbollah on the one hand, and the Future Movement and the Progressive Socialist Party on the other hand, while the leader of the “Lebanese Forces” party, Samir Geagea, did not decide his location of the clash, even if the Maronite Church announced explicitly Her objection to the policy of President Hassan Dia B, even if it is for support, the governor of the Banque du Liban Riad Salama. President Nabih Berri and his ministerial team are standing in the middle between disadvantages of the governor’s performance and a refusal to dismiss him, given the disastrous risks that could result from cash and depositors ’money, and the terrible deterioration of the exchange rate of the lira, which can reach 15,000 Lebanese pounds, according to what Was quoted by President Nabih Berri.

All this, in conjunction with the return of road blocking, whether in the north or the south, and Zalka towards Jal El Dib, towards Saadiyat Beirut, and inside the Marj tunnel in both directions.

On the eve of the government session tomorrow, a new financial situation took place, as the BDL issued a new circular carrying the number 553 to exchange institutions calling on them to adhere to a maximum price of selling the dollar not exceeding 3,200 Lebanese pounds.

President Diab continued his tour of the military and security centers. He visited the building of the General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces, calling for the disengagement between the state and the interests of the authority, and linking the state to the citizens directly, calling on the leaders of the units in the internal security forces and senior officers to be the front of the state in front of the people, and “you must not be Under what circumstances, and at any time, arm of power over people, and thus begins the purification of the idea of ​​the state from the concept of power ».

In this tense atmosphere, the cabinet will hold a session in the Grand Serail at 11:00 tomorrow, Tuesday, to discuss the following topics:

1 – Adoption of the final texts and formulas related to topics previously approved by the Council of Ministers in its meeting held on April 24, 2020, namely:

A – Conduct investigations to determine the accounts from which financial transfers were made and take action against its owner.

B – Take immediate and immediate measures to combat corruption and recover stolen money.

C – An accelerated bill related to the recovery of transfers abroad that took place after the date of 10/17/2019.

2 – Complete the research in the final version of the reform plan of the government, in order to reach its approval.

The agenda items are a continuation of what was presented in last Thursday’s session, as the rest of the wording was limited to linguistic details, before its final approval.

Political sources expressed their belief that the issue of the Governor of the Banque du Liban is surrounded, because it took another course and was politicized, and it is no longer technical or administrative.

To that it was reported that the law of disclosure of accounts and property referred to by the strong leader of the Lebanese bloc, MP Gibran Bassil, is present in the House of Representatives, but it was not included in the agenda of the Parliament’s sessions and it is related to expanding the tasks of the special investigation body to complete its work automatically in terms of access to the movement of the accounts of any official Ministerial, Parliamentary, Administrative, Judicial, or Military. If the authority finds a suspicious order to be fulfilled, but if you notice an ordinary order as an inheritance, then ask if the commission deems that there is a suspicious order after the investigation, and it will refer it to the Discriminatory Public Prosecution due to the guarantee of the judiciary.

However, well-informed sources expected that the session today will be convulsive and protective and may witness a sharp division over the items to be discussed during it, which are the least items that can be described as destroying the elements of the state through the creation of mechanisms for prosecution and curtailment with a legal template that exceeds the effects of the judiciary and constitutes a new and parallel judicial authority, exploited and used by the authority The ruling and its orientation against its opponents and protection of its interests and its plans at the expense of the public interest. Sources said that the approval of the proposed items as presented constitutes a clear violation of the laws and clearly indicates the constructive intentions sought by the covenant and the Aounist current. Detailed legal mechanisms similar to the dictatorship and detailed measurement to launch the mechanisms of States in the hands of the current cropping of political opponents and dominate the resources of the state and basic sites. The sources accused the Minister of Justice, through which these provisions were passed, as a front for managing and implementing the plans of the “Aid Current”, contrary to all other allegations and exile attempts. It is happening now that is inseparable from the path of what happened with the issue of obstructing judicial formations before it.

Jumblatt for a peaceful confrontation

The head of the Progressive Socialist Party, former deputy Walid Jumblatt, described President Diab as nothing, and Lebanon does not control its borders, airport and ports, and we will resist peacefully and democratically, and described the Free Patriotic Movement as a militia in Lebanon, and that General Aoun resumed the cancellation policy that he started in 1988.

He said: The black room, the duo is very strong: the Free Patriotic Movement, and behind it Hezbollah, and we object to this duo’s approach, and it will remain peaceful.

He said: I do not want to form an alliance, and the revolution did not fail, and the resistance forces entered the line.

Today, we are on April 26, when the “Syrian forces” withdrew. However, we will not accept our cancellation by Hezbollah or others. It is possible to save Lebanon financially, and the time has not passed, and the Governor of the Bank of Lebanon is not responsible for $ 60 billion wasted in electricity.

He believed that there is no Arab support at the present time.

Diab: What it is and what it has!

And between what President Tammam Salam said from Dar Al Fatwa and what others have said about the government’s performance, procedures, and decisions, there is room for reflection that deserves to be stopped. As President Salam said: Why have successive governments not found during the past three or four years solutions to the accumulations of the problems of the past thirty years? It is a valid question. Since the problems that all parties are talking about, all parties participated in, and all parties who were in the position of authority and decision with few exceptions bear the responsibility for it. Who is prohibited? Who malfunctioned whom? But of course, it was not Hassan Diab who was in charge of the decision to take responsibility, even if he participated in one of the governments as Minister of Education.

Visitors to Dar Al-Fatwa say that they heard from some politicians in a “good meeting” organized by the Grand Mufti Sheikh Abd al-Latif Drian, direct words aimed at the covenant and not directly targeting President Diab, except from the angle that he is a partner in the executive authority with President Aoun and bears responsibility for any decision or action .

And what was said in the politicians ’meeting in the house: As long as the covenant is new and it is the strong covenant, why did it not act to blame the country and gather political forces, instead of waging war on each other and acting with malice and revenge. And who prevented the strong covenant from taking the decisions and measures that it wanted as long as it had a majority in the governments of half the state until now? Why did he not resort to voting when disagreeing or when a project was suspended?

According to the visitors, some politicians say: There is no argument with the covenant to justify the failure that occurred, and that saying that there are differences and divisions in the cabinet is not a sufficient reason, as long as they were present and major decisions were taken, but by consensus I do not wear arms, and a strong covenant can strike his hand On the table and imposes the correct decision.

On the same line, close to Ain El-Tineh, it is considered that President Diab’s mistake in dealing with political forces in a manner that does not preserve political balances in the country or does not have sufficient weight, so he was implicated in confrontations with large currents in the country, while he is outside the equation of the actual conflict between the Covenant And its current and between the opposition forces. Even President Nabih Berri wanted to protect Diab and provide him with opportunities for success, but the latter erred in adopting confrontation with political forces instead of lending a hand to them to cooperate to save the country, so he went out of being the head of a technocratic government, which provoked Berri’s anger, so his last known positions came. And instead of Diab forming a sound relationship with Berri to help him overcome difficulties and obstacles, he also went to the indirect confrontation against him.

And they take on Diab his hesitation and delay in taking decisions, and dumping work in the meetings of the committees and the many consultants, until “the capacity has been lost”, and they see that Diab had to move in a more dynamic way and initiates contact with the brotherly and friendly countries of the world and visits them to obtain their political and economic support, instead of Spending time lost in committee meetings and advisers.

But regarding this talk, there are those who defend the covenant and Diab, so he goes on to say: The obstruction, disagreements and divisions in the cabinet were characteristic of the last stage, not only during the era of President Aoun, but even during the era of Michel Suleiman, and before him the era of Emile Lahoud before the assassination of the president The martyr Rafik Hariri and after him. And the talk about the strong covenant was able to make decisions by voting is inaccurate, because the balances in the cabinet do not always allow this, especially in the major contentious issues and with President Berri’s alliance, rapprochement or understanding with some of the opposition parties on some issues, the vote could not pass without To open up a problem with Berri, as he will consider the vote to be against him and not against the opponents of the Covenant.

On the other hand, those familiar with Diab’s positions and movement see that the internal blockade of the government started from the first day of its formation and gaining confidence, so that some opposition forces did not wait for the end of the grace period promised.

The close persons added: The decisions of the Council of Ministers came at its last session to destroy the remaining bridges and communication crossings between the Covenant and the government and the opposition, which were summarized: by concluding contracts of consensual agreement with international companies with the aim of conducting a focused accounting audit, in addition to the eight famous decisions related to fighting corruption and restoring money Looted. Activating the internal and external tax investigation. Assign an international office specializing in accounting investigation to determine the whereabouts of any fraud, waste or looting in spending public money and taking the legal requirement, and prosecute the sources of wealth from the person in charge of public affairs. In view of this, it was natural for the corrupt to block in the face of the covenant and Diab.

The church supports the safety

And the political circles stopped at the position of the Maronite Patriarch Mar Boutros Bishara Al-Rahi, who recorded clear support for the governor of the Central Bank, Riad Salameh, after the Prime Minister accused him of being responsible for the collapse of the national currency last Friday.

He said: criticizing Salama will not do anything but harm the country.

He said, “We ask: Who benefits from the destabilizing rule of the Bank of Lebanon? The beneficiary himself knows. ”

He added, “As for us, we know the disastrous outcome, which is the elimination of the confidence of the Lebanese and the states in the constituents of our constitutional state.”

The statement considered that the reading of Gebran Bassil, after listening to Hassan Diab’s statement from the Republican Palace, makes the distinction between the two logic and the two speeches to the limits of congruence and cohesion, which confirms the existence of one room that is active on the current coup line in the image of the operating room that was established in Baabda in 1998.

However, the main common denominator between the two speeches, highlights revenge trends from a certain political stage that Hassan Diab adopted and considered it as a basis to highlight his political role.

The Future: identification between Diab and Basil

The “Future” team, which stands in the first row to confront what he calls the coup, notices identification with Minister Basil and President Diab, so he came in a statement of “the future” in response to what was stated in the press conference of the President of the Aoun Movement: What raises the irony in his speech was his call to the people of politics and economics to To take an example that should be followed, asking: Are the rules of emulation based on the results of waste in the electricity sector, the state charging half of the public debt or disrupting institutions to secure his uncle’s access to the presidency? Or to set the program Sidr in the political quarantine for two years .. ».

Basil’s laws

Bassil, head of the Free Patriotic Movement, repeated many of Diab’s criticisms, saying that the Central Bank bears “a great responsibility” for the losses that occurred and the absence of transparency and cooperation.

Bassil added that the state must now assume the responsibility of “correcting” these mistakes, and said that this “does not mean that it is carrying out a coup against the free financial system or the independence of the central bank.”

And he added, “There is a group of ministers, most of them bastards and specialists, who came under pressure from the people and the street, and all their fault was that they wanted work and reform, and as a result of the collapse, they had to study the financial reality in order to start treatment on scientific grounds.”

And “so that the talk about recovering the stolen money does not remain a slogan,” Basil called “that we go to the operational side in order to crowd everyone and sort the servers out of the corrupt, and get out of the slogan” clean “means” corrupt “to the applied title of the slogan.

He reminded that we are a group and bloc, “We presented a package of 5 anti-corruption laws: the establishment of the Special Court for Financial Crime since 2013 and four since about a year is to lift bank secrecy, raise immunity, recover stolen money, and disclose accounts and properties.” He pointed out that we “exert pressure to pass it without an actual result.” Until now”.

He concluded: «Let us be frank… There is one law that is fast, effective and quickly sorts the corrupt from the servers. It is the law of financial statements and properties… Come and pass it and raise the challenge in front of everyone! This law is based simply on the idea of ​​requesting the Special Investigation Commission of the Central Bank to disclose the accounts and properties of each public service practitioner.


With regard to one of the Corona stickers, the Ministry of Public Health announced the registration of 3 new Corona injuries, raising the cumulative number of confirmed cases to 7047.

The Rafic Hariri University Hospital announced that one of the 205 Covid-19 infections was recorded, out of 205 laboratory tests, in exchange for a similar case of recovery, and 6 hospitalized patients were removed from the hospital, in addition to the absence of any critical condition in intensive care.

On the eve of the start of the second round of returning expatriates, the death of a Lebanese expatriate in Sierra Leone, due to a corona, called Khalil Shoman, was revealed.

On the security front, security sources said that a small explosive device was detonated yesterday outside a commercial bank in the city of Sidon in southern Lebanon, which led to the destruction of its façade. The sources added that a bank in Tire was attacked by incendiary bombs early Sunday morning.

The sources said that the two attacks did not result in any injuries, and that the identities of the attackers were not yet known.

Building :

Tomorrow the return plan begins – 2 … and the gradual easing plan for the closure … and the bank’s $ 3200

The shepherd attacks Diab in defense of Salama … and Jumblatt accuses Hezbollah and Aoun of the coup

Berri holds the stick from the middle … Hezbollah is watching … and the road blocking is expanding

BuildingSources following up on the tense political situation that entered Lebanon and overwhelmed the follow-up to the confrontation with the Corona epidemic described it as an expression of the incompatibility of proposing a change in the Governor of the Banque du Liban to the divisions governing the Lebanese situation on the one hand, and on the other hand in light of lack of confidence in the absence of seeking to replace it with better standards for the financial sector And the exchange rate, by the Free Patriotic Movement’s proprietors, has its intentions towards this sensitive center, whose position on it is linked to the presidential settlement in which he previously participated and guaranteed continued safety, as well as under the way he deals with ministerial, administrative and financial appointments with his allies in the government and outside it. In an exclusive way, which makes the risk of him covering him to change the safety of a leap in the unknown in terms of ensuring the balance of state structure. In parallel, the file of money, with its complications and entanglements, in better conditions than the current situation requires any change in it national consultation and providing an umbrella to protect the options that relate to it, so how if the mere waving of change produced a volume of political and sectarian reactions of the size that put the country at great risk.

The follow-up sources called for a political consultation that allows reaching understandings governing the financial file after the government announced its plan, so that any treatment plan has a consensual platform that cannot go through any major steps on the financial and economic levels without them, especially since the application of the judiciary and judicial and security treatments in a country like Lebanon has already been tested, which is a decree Advance with maliciousness and only leads to more convulsions that Lebanon could not bear in the conditions of bahbouh, so how in the conditions of bankruptcy and collapse. The sources called for stopping before the violent rhetoric of the positions of each of the former Prime Minister Saad Hariri and moving it to the street to make it happen, and to the words of the Maronite Patriarch Bechara Al-Rai Al-Qasi the tone of the prime minister in defense of the bank’s ruler, up to the content of what former MP Walid Jumblatt said about holding Hezbollah responsible A coup act in alliance with the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun and the Free Patriotic Movement. The sources said that the required consultation should not be lost in the cry of Prime Minister Hassan Diab, calling for clarity in the relationship with the Bank of Lebanon and in its numbers and cooperation with the government, which is not enough for the bank to leave with a circular specifying the exchange rate of the dollar at 3,200 pounds that may guarantee him good implementation, contrary to his previous circulars. Because what is required is a new path that does not agree with what existed in terms of the strength of the Bank of Lebanon, which is strongly claiming that it is the guarantor of fixing the exchange rate and the guarantor of debt management, and each of the two matters no longer exists.

In the context of calling for this consultation, the sources noted the meaning of the Speaker’s holding of the stick from the center regarding his call to correct financial policies, and his lack of agreement to hasten to offer to change the Governor of the Banque du Liban, in light of the anticipation prevailing in Hezbollah’s position, especially to explore the boundaries of the purposes of what Jumblatt said, and the meanings The exit of a media political choir that resonates with the American and Saudi outside, and whether there is an escalation campaign that has external coverage, or is the matter enlarging the internal stone to seek external intervention under the slogan of harassment in the party, and presenting it as a title for confrontation, while the issue is fear for material gains and defense of interests that will be harmed by Any business original I live.

On the government level, the gradual closure plan approved by the government started in parallel, starting tomorrow the second phase of the plan for the return of the Lebanese from abroad, while the government will hold its meeting tomorrow on the rhythm of high political clashes, and in front of it are draft resolutions related to smuggled funds and anti-corruption, while many regions have seen The Lebanese cut off the roads and burned to the bank branches.

The Council of Ministers will hold a session tomorrow, Tuesday, on its agenda, discussing investigations to determine the accounts from which financial transfers were made, and taking measures against their owners and recovering transfers abroad.

The President of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gibran Bassil, asserted that “there are those who wish for the country to fly so that the system will remain, because the system is more important than the country because it is ruining it, and the renewed ferocity is finally on the government and the covenant except because the system once again senses that something will change and is forbidden to change.”

And he warned against “any intention to destroy the banking sector or to lay hands on it with any political backgrounds, for this we will not be satisfied with it and we will defend the banking sector to remain free and an essential pillar of the Lebanese economy and to move its cycle by lending to the owners of production in particular.”

وأوضح أنّ المصرف المركزي يتحمل مسؤولية كبيرة بالخسائر الواقعة عليه، وبعدم شفافية أرقامه، ولكن من غير المعقول القول إنّ المصرف المركزي هو وحده المسؤول، بل إنّ المجلس النيابي والحكومة هما المسؤولان عن تركه بالتمادي في هذه الأخطاء بدون التصحيح اللازم.

وأكّد باسيل أنّ إذا قررت الحكومة تحمّل مسؤولياتها، فهذا لا يعني انقلاباً على النظام المالي الحرّ، معتبرًاً أنّ على المصرف المركزي التعاون لتفادي الاعظم.

وطالب باسيل بالإسراع بإقرار خطة الحكومة، معتبرًا أنّه لا يجب ان يتعدّى الأمر هذا الأسبوع كما وَعَدت، والتوجّه بعدها الى المؤسسات الدولية وخاصة صندوق النقد الدولي لمفاوضته للحصول على الشروط التي تناسبنا والتي في الوقت نفسه تقيّدنا لتنفيذ الاصلاحات اللازمة.

في المقابل سأل البطريرك الماروني الكاردينال مار بشاره بطرس الراعي «مَن المستفيد مِن زعزعة حاكميَّة مصرف لبنان؟ المستفيد نفسه يعلم! أمَّا نحن فنعرف النَّتيجة الوخيمة وهي القضاء على ثقة اللُّبنانيِّين والدُّول بمقوِّمات دولتنا الدستوريَّة. وهل هذا النَّهج المُغاير لنظامنا السِّياسيّ اللُّبنانيّ جزءٌ مِن مخطَّط لتغيير وجه لبنان؟ وقال: «فيما كنّا ننتظر من رئيس الحكومة إعلان خطَّتها الإصلاحيَّة العادلة واللَّازمة، فإذا بنا نُفاجَأ بحُكمٍ مبرم بحقّ حاكم مصرف لبنان، من دون سماعه وإعطائه حقَّ الدفاع عن النفس علميًا، ثمّ إعلان الحكم العادل بالطُّرق الدستوريَّة. أمَّا الشَّكل الاستهدافيُّ الطاعن بكرامة الشَّخص والمؤسَّسة التي لم تعرف مثل هذا منذ إنشائها في عهد المغفور له الرئيس فؤاد شهاب، فغيرُ مقبولٍ على الإطلاق».

وهنا لفتت مصادر متابعة لـ»البناء» الى أن باسيل تبلّغ من السفيرة الاميركية يوم الجمعة ومن السفير الفرنسي برونو فوشيه الذي زاره السبت في اللقلوق موقفاً واضحاً بعدم التعرّض او المسّ بالحاكمية، لافتة الى أن موقف رأس الكنيسة المارونية كان داعماً لسلامة هذا فضلاً عن موقف حزب الله الذي لا يريد أن تذهب الامور نحو المجهول في الوقت الراهن الأمر الذي قد يدفع باسيل الى التراجع.

اما رئيس​ مجلس النواب ​ ​نبيه بري​ فأكد أنه لم يحصل في جلسة مجلس الوزراء تصويت على إقالة حاكم ​مصرف لبنان​ ​رياض سلامة​ وكل ما حصل كان أشبه بعملية «جس النبض» حيال هذه المسألة»، معتبراً أنه «إذا لم يبق مصرف لبنان ليعلم الجميع أن أموال المودعين قد طارت إلى الأبد».

وقال: «ليعلم الجميع أنا نبيه بري لا أدافع عن سلامة ولا عن أي شخص بل أدافع عن لبنان»، واضاف: «لا داعي للتذكير أنني كنت أول من رفع الصوت اعتراضا على الكابيتال كونترول والهيركات وهندسات مالية أخرى، وكنت أول من طلب من الحكومة عدم اللعب بالدولار واتخاذ جملة من الإجراءات والخطوات المناسبة والسريعة حفاظا على الاموال».

واعتبر رئيس الحزب التقدمي الاشتراكي وليد جنبلاط في حديث الى قناة «العربية» أن رئيس الحكومة حسان دياب «لا شيء»، متهماً حزب الله والتيار الوطني الحر بأنهما يحركان الحكومة اللبنانية، وقال:» سنقاوم سلمياً وديمقراطياً».

ورأى جنبلاط أن لبنان لا يسيطر على حدوده ومطاره وموانئه، وقال: «لن نقبل بإلغائنا من قبل حزب الله أو غيره». وإذ اعتبر أنه من الممكن إنقاذ لبنان مالياً وانه لم يفت الوقت، شدد على أن «حاكم مصرف لبنان رياض سلامة غير مسؤول عن 60 مليار دولار مهدورة في الكهرباء»، وأكد أنه لا يرى دعماً عربياً للبنان في الوقت الحاضر. وقال رداً على سؤال :»لا أريد تشكيل أي أحلاف».

Source: صحف


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