The astronomer Maya Hazim reveals the outlook for Friday horoscopes


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The moon continues until Friday with the (fiery lion tower) and thus we are from the beginning of the day with a grainy effect of the shadow of the lion moon, where we increase activity and liveliness and we start from life .. Social communication, acquaintance and entertainment interest us .. the lion moon motivates us to leave fear and caution and increase our courage and desire to adventure And try new things .. feel the need for beautiful words and flattery .. a time to buy and renew ..

The astronomer Maya Hazim reveals the outlook for Friday horoscopes

The moon moves in the morning to the rank of (Al-Zabra) a hot and happy land suitable for opening business .. In the past people were waiting for the moon to come in to gain love and affection especially the sympathy of the heart of kings .. It is the best to repair relations and good for the timing of marriage, trade and purchase, but we must be aware of thefts .. the baby and his moon Like a male Al-Zibra, it is smart and has a cunning and a good luck .. The female is a good pet and has a good chance of auspicious marriage.

A 90 ° square angle between Uranus and the moon is formed at 5:00 am. It lasts for 9:20 also. It is a negative astronomical feature that lasts for hours carrying surprises. We must beware of them as they stimulate chaos and disrespect of the system. Arranging the constellations from the most affected to the least: Aquarius, Taurus, Pisces , Gemini, Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio, Libra, Sagittarius, Lion, Pregnancy, Capricorn.

Horoscope predictions:


Your day is more than good in it. Take care of yourself and it is for love and entertainment .. Spend your leisure time as you wish and communicate with your acquaintances and be positive towards everyone .. Just watch your candor and do not involve yourself with others’ concerns .. A suitable day for buying and renewing .. Your mood is 85%.

Passion: a feature of the flower that gives you pleasant developments as you think about changing yourself and your looks to appear more attractive and acceptable .. and the best partner during your day is pregnancy, bucket, lion, bow, scale and gemini.

the Bull

Conditions are good to fix family problems and come up with possible solutions .. An ideal time to sell, send and receive things .. Reduce your hesitation on this day and resolve your affairs and do not believe everything that is said and verify the information that you receive .. There may be a development or issue related to a house, property or someone Parents … your mood is 65%.

Emotion: You have some moods and nervousness, and you cannot discuss calmly. Try to avoid what leaves you left … and the best partner during your day is Scorpio, Cancer, Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces and Pregnancy.


You are active in this day by socializing and you have accuracy of observation, intelligence, intuition and nothing to miss .. Also, your words are more and your curiosity is great and your movements are very close..Due to the location of the moon, you may show interest in matters that concern the brothers, perhaps relatives or your immediate surroundings such as neighbors and others..Your mood is 85% .

Passion: an important astronomical feature of the flower that gives you developments regarding the future, but I advise you to be patient with your relationship, especially if it is new … The best partner during your day is pregnancy, bucket, lion, bow, scale, and Gemini.


Be aware of additional financial expenses for this day. Calculate well so that you will not regret .. If you have good gains .. On the other hand, you may feel that you need to rest, relax and postpone the work .. There is something that you wait to accomplish to rest and your day is appropriate for that .. Your mood is 70%.

Passion: Your situation generally settles on this day after the tension that occurred. Try to be more sincere, because you do not know prevarication and exposed in front of the partner … and the best partner during your day is serious, scorpion, cancer, virgin, bull and whale.

the lion

With the presence of the moon you have, you enjoy the best of fortunes, and astronomy gives you opportunities at all levels, mental balance and psychological comfort, and you can initiate any field .. You also have this day more contacts and communicate socially so that your times are fun, fun, as you like change..Your mood is 90%.

Emotion: A suitable period for your emotional life. Your affairs progress as you want. This is a day of love, romance, and your attractiveness is high. The best partner during your day is Gemini, Libra, Pregnancy, Pisces, Lion, Bow, Capricorn and Bull.


On the one hand, a flower trait helps you in many ways, such as motivating you to change and advance material opportunities .. If a day carries some fatigue and feels a lot of envious and thirsty people, and you lose confidence in the people you deal with .. Also pay attention to health and avoid tension that empties your energy .. Your mood is 65%.

Emotion: An inappropriate day for emotional matters, as you tend to regret and remember the past, and there are things that you conceal within you and do not reveal them .. The best partner during your day is cancer, Pisces, Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, Virgin, Pregnancy and Gemini.


During the day you have important fortunes and plans to renew with those you trust and communicate with them to tell them about your new information and find all of them support .. You have good gains and pleasant surprises so take advantage of this day positively .. Also, your attractiveness is high .. Your mood is 85.

Passion: A suitable day for friendship and acquaintance, and you have a good period, even if there is some tension that makes you nervous … The best partner during your day is the lion, balance, gemini, bow, bucket, pregnancy and bull.

The scorpion

On this day, you live in many atmospheres and circumstances, including what differs from the other, you live in the extremes and your feelings are disturbed because of some adverse events that are about to recede .. On the other hand, you are not sensitive to words that are said about you if your face or back, be confident in yourself and reduce your fear and sensitivity .. Your mood is 65%.

Passion: Mars provides you with an emotional card … but you will be hard ten on this day … your affairs will turn around soon … and the best partner during your day will be Scorpio, Virgin, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Pisces and Bow.

the bow

In front of you a positive day in which you feel a state of activity and optimism .. Your day for renewal and openness, especially in the areas of social communication .. You look the most prestigious, valuable and successful in many things .. Prepare for the best financial period because of the flower transmission to Gemini .. Your mood is 85%.

Emotion: a special case in which you live this day with the influence of astronomy, so the opportunity is open for everything that brings you happiness .. The best partner during your day is Gemini, Libra, Lamb, Bucket, Bow, Lion and Scorpio.


Be aware of inconsistencies on this day, as your conditions may be disturbed .. You are required to be more responsible..You may experience mood swings and do not carry out what you are planning and do not do all the work..Astronomy invites you to pay attention to aspects of health and your relationship with the family..Your mood is 65%.

Emotion: The astronomical situation gives you developments if you are related or single, as there are changes in circumstances that may not be in your favor due to the temporary situation, so do not worry .. The best partner during your day is Scorpio, the Virgin, Cancer, Pisces, Taurus and Capricorn.


The challenges and the state of anxiety and stress are lessened, as it is more reassuring, especially at noon .. So do not panic and expect the best, and be flexible with your dealings with the family … The beginning of your day is not appropriate to start with something important because the Uranus feature warns you in the morning and you have to be satisfied with only the routine thing .. Your mood is 75%.

Passion: You have to show diplomacy and pursue dialogue, and perhaps the best thing is to postpone raising important topics … and the best partner during your day is pregnancy, bucket, lion, bow, scale and gemini.


On this day, you feel some fatigue and the routine surrounding you and the exhausting work .. You have to pay attention to health, especially during the day when the work is many, so try to make a hard effort not to be exposed to stress and tension .. You may pay additional financial expense and receive news that you do not like and pay attention to your mental health condition .. Your mood is 65%.

Passion: Clear the negative effect of astronomy on this day. Try to be realistic, nothing you can imagine is similar to what happens … And the best partner during your day is the Virgo, the bull, the whale, the Capricorn, the Lion, Scorpio and Cancer.


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