The Arab League expresses its concern about the current developments on the Lebanese scene


The League of Arab States considered that the rapid developments on the Lebanese scene and the dangerous escalation witnessed by the Lebanese street between the masses of demonstrators and the Lebanese army, particularly in the city of Tripoli, are developments that require serious concern and discomfort.

Ambassador Hossam Zaki, Assistant Secretary-General, said in a press statement today, “The situation is very delicate in Lebanon and in the street in particular … and it can slip quickly to the unimaginable consequences … Hopefully, in particular, the wisdom of the army leadership and security services is to act With the usual professionalism and responsibility to prevent the country from slipping into the unknown. ”

He added that “the financial, economic and banking crisis that Lebanon is witnessing now requires decisive and immediate treatment, and all parties have a spirit of national responsibility, because it is clear that the Lebanese street is in a dangerous situation with which it can no longer wait.”

He explained that the Lebanese government is naturally called to accelerate practical and quick steps for economic reform and to meet the legitimate demands of the Lebanese people, and we have indications that this will happen soon.

He stressed the importance that the university views the role of Lebanese leaders in preserving national unity and civil peace, and avoiding everything that would ignite the street, and the need to preserve the civilized appearance of the peaceful demonstration that characterized the street’s movement since last October and away from violence that complicates and exacerbates matters The situation is making it worse.

The statement reaffirmed the Arab League’s stand and solidarity with Lebanon and its people in this difficult and delicate stage in order to be able to overcome the current challenges.


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