The Arab League condemns the “terrorism” of Ansar Allah and solidarity with Saudi Arabia


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Today, Wednesday, the League of Arab States expressed its condemnation in the strongest terms of the “Ansar Allah” group’s targeting of residential neighborhoods in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with ballistic missiles.

“Aboul Gheit affirmed the solidarity of the Arab League with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all the measures it has taken to respond to this dangerous escalation,” an official source with the Arab League General Secretariat said in a statement.

He said that “the military escalation at this time reflects the absence of moral fear among these militias, which have not refrained from targeting civilians in these circumstances in which the whole world is joining together to confront a common threat represented by the global epidemic of Corona.”

The source expressed his confidence in the ability of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to address these threats and take all measures to maintain its security and stability.

On Sunday, Ansar Allah group announced that its armed forces had carried out a major military operation inside Saudi territory, bombing “sensitive targets” in Riyadh, Jizan, Najran and Asir with a large number of missiles and drones.

On Saturday, Saudi Arabia announced the interception of two ballistic missiles launched by the “Houthis” towards the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and the city of Jizan in the south.

On Monday, the Saudi-led Arab coalition in Yemen launched air strikes on Sanaa, and said in a statement, that the operation aims to “destroy illegal military targets belonging to the Houthi rebels, and to neutralize and destroy the ballistic threat and the specific capabilities that threaten the lives of civilians.”


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