The advanced search feature is coming to WhatsApp .. Here’s how it works


Hint the latest beta from Implementation WhatsApp on Android system to renew the option to search within the application, according to the code from WABetaInfo2.20.117 update for WhatsApp includes key hints that we will see the advanced search mode which will allow searching for specific file types including documents, videos, pictures and audio files.

The advanced search feature in WhatsApp Beta has already been rolled out for iOS users, but it is unclear when the improved search options can reach the Android version, although it is under development and it’s nice to see that it will come sometime in the future.

The advanced search feature works in a very easy way, when the user searches for a specific type of file he will be able to see the unique search filter encoded in the search bar, where the results will appear at the bottom of the results panel.

The user will also notice from the screenshots, that he can search for common file types such as images, audio, GIFs, videos, documents, and even web links, and the ability to search for specific file types will undoubtedly make it easier to find all the things involved within group chats and individual messages.

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