The Abu Dhabi Cultural Summit holds a direct discussion session via YouTube tomorrow


Abu Dhabi: The GulfIn light of the current global circumstances and with the postponement of the Abu Dhabi Cultural Summit 2020 until next year, the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with international cultural organizations, will provide an exclusive live broadcast experience for the Abu Dhabi Cultural Summit via YouTube at five o’clock tomorrow night, Thursday.

Mohammed Khalifa Al Mubarak, Chairman of the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, will chair an exclusive panel discussion entitled: “Culture and its role in uniting the world in times of crisis”, in which a group of experts including Ernesto Autun Ramirez, Assistant Director-General for Culture, UNESCO; Alexandra Monroe, will participate. Technical curators at the «Samsung» department of Asian art, and senior adviser to the “Global Arts” at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Organization; Rebecca Lyon, director of education and acquisitions at the Royal Academy of Arts; and Melanie Noronha, senior editor, thought leadership for the Economist in Europe, Africa and the East Middle; and Larissa Henderson, head of the creative economy, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

The panel discussion will discuss the current global situation and its major impact on culture from social, economic and psychological perspectives. Today, the cultural sector is going through a difficult crisis, and the dialogue will address how to resist this troubling stage and avoid the repercussions of any shocks, and contribute to creating a flexible society that places participation and community support as a top priority. In light of the current global crisis and with the world entering a new stage of isolation more than ever in history, culture remains the link that connects individuals and societies with each other, the session will assess the impact of unprecedented crises on the cultural sector, and explore the role of culture in mitigating From the weight of collective anxiety and avoid shocks caused by this stage. With many cultural institutions closing their doors for long periods of time, many new and difficult challenges arise, especially in the areas of material financing and employment. Speakers discuss what the cultural institutions can apply to rise again after the closure period better, and what must be done to support institutions, Artists, and creative industries more effectively. With the start of a phase that will undoubtedly change the entire world, the dialogue will also address the lessons that we can draw from the challenges we face, as well as new frameworks that may emerge in the aftermath.

The panel will be followed by four music shows curated by Berkeley Abu Dhabi, one of which will be presented by the American Grammy award-winning American songwriter and producer and an Emmy Desmond Child Award nominee. In a remote collaboration between Berkeley Boston, Berkeley Valencia and Berkeley Abu Dhabi, the music show “From My Place” will be held, which is a song Integrated Arabic, written by Jordanian violinist, Samirat, in collaboration with the Berkeley Valencia Institute graduates.

A remote creative collaboration between Berkeley Boston and Berkeley Abu Dhabi also provides the song “Ya Teer” for the Lebanese star Fairuz, but in English by a group of graduates of the Berkeley School of Music whose origins are from Middle Eastern countries, including the artistic director of Berkeley Abu Dhabi, Maysaa Qaraa, She is a singer and songwriter for the Grammy Award. The exclusive broadcasting experience ends with the musical show “You Yu Believe”, which is held in cooperation between Berkeley Boston, Berkeley Valencia and Berkeley Abu Dhabi, where a group of graduates of Berkeley College of Music from all over the world, in addition to the two singers and songwriters Mayssa Qaraa and Layla, performs a special performance for Whitney Houston and Maria Curry, famous from the animated musical drama “The Prince of Egypt” from 1998, which carries a theme that suits the troubled times the world is going through, so the song tells us that despite the fear, we must be certain that conditions will improve and not give in to fears.

Everyone is invited to watch the broadcast of this special event on the Abu Dhabi Cultural Summit channel on YouTube via the link. For more information, please visit


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