That’s how Rami Jamal Elisa congratulated her new song


Artist Ramy Gamal was keen to congratulate the star Elisa On her new song, “Hengni Violin and Violin”, which she released yesterday on YouTube, Rami Jamal wrote on his Twitter account, saying: “Congratulations, the most beautiful artist and his friend, who is always creative and different.”

Rami Jamal
Rami Jamal

The official page of the World Prize was also highlighted “World Music Awards” The release of the video clip of the new Lebanese star Elisa, “Hengni Violin”, which announced her launch, where the page was published through the “Instagram” website, a picture of the official poster of the song, commenting on it: “The Lebanese star Elissa launches her new song, Hengni Walkman, in a fun video with the star Haifa Wehbe and some of her loyal fans, and all of his revenues go to charity“.

And the Lebanese star Elissa shared her followers and fans with a clip from her new song, “Hengni Violin and Violin”, which was performed by Haifa Wehbe, and they sang together in their home because of the health isolation imposed by the outbreak of the new Corona virus, “Covid 19”“.

Elisa appeared in the video clip that she posted on her Instagram account, wearing “pajamas” at her house and talking to Haifa Wehbe in a video call and singing, and a number of their fans quickly participated in the call from to the crowded screen dances and singing, so that we can fully donate them to the song’s profits for charities.

The Lebanese singer Elissa wrote a letter to those who criticize her because of her religion, indicating that she is proud of being a Christian, and that no one has the right to attack her or criticize her for that, it coincides with Easter.

On the other side, Elisa cooperates in her new album, with a group of Egyptian poets, composers and distributors, and has chosen most of her new album songs in the Egyptian accent, and includes 20 songs so far, and is scheduled to be released in the coming days on YouTube, after the end of the global tensions related to the Corona virus..

Elissa collaborated in her new album with the poet Bahaa El Din Mohamed with two songs, the first of which is entitled “Habtabrak Met”, which is composed by Median, and distributed by Ahmed Abdel Salam, and the second was not revealed her name until it was a surprise to the audience, composed by Ahmed Zaeem.


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