That is why the symptoms of corona appear on infected people and “disappear” in others


Source: Dubai – Vanessa Kazan

A virus that cannot be seen with the naked eye has been able to affect the whole world within months. Many countries rushed to take unprecedented precautions to curb an outbreak Corona epidemicWhich the World Health Organization described as the worst health crisis facing the world, so the study was suspended, the movement of citizens was restricted and the borders were closed by land, air and sea, in addition to the quarantine of millions … and others.

Coved 19 has killed at least 73,139 people in the world so far since its appearance in December in China, specifically in Wuhan.

This epidemic is transmitted from person to person through small droplets that are dispersed when coughing or sneezing. So it is important to get away from people more than one meter away. As these droplets fall on the surrounding objects and surfaces, and upon contact with them and then touching the eyes, nose, or mouth, people can also be affected.

The symptoms include fever, coughing and difficulty breathing. However, the risk lies when the person is infected with the virus without symptoms or only slight symptoms appear.

A healthcare worker gets a sample for analysis in Medford, Massachusetts, on April 4 (from Reuters)
A healthcare worker gets a sample for analysis in Medford, Massachusetts, on April 4 (from Reuters)

5% show them

In this context, the specialist in bacterial and incurable diseases, Dr. Nesnas told that “there are many diseases that we catch and symptoms like polio do not show us, for example,” and that “95% of people do not show symptoms and 5% show them.”

Nesnas added: “As far as Corona is concerned, we do not yet know how much the proportion of people who do not show symptoms. We need more studies after conducting a blood test for antibodies, and at that time we know the people who have antibodies, how much is the proportion of people who have been infected, and how much is the proportion of those who have not Infected, because immunity often overcomes the virus. “

Various factors

He pointed out that “the incubation period of the virus can vary from one person to another, and there are several factors, including the strength or weakening of immunity, the amount of the virus that entered the body, and thus the symptoms delay to appear.”

From Naples, Italy, on April 5 (from Reuters)
From Naples, Italy, on April 5 (from Reuters)

On the seriousness of the infected people without symptoms, he replied: “The danger is in the period when they carry the virus without knowing the issue, and therefore they do not take their precautions and cause the transmission of infection to others. But if the virus came out of their body, then there is no risk.”

He also added that “there is not yet a definitive answer about whether there is a specific period for them to be free of the virus, as there are studies conducted to date.”

A specific blood group?

And on whether there is a specific blood group more vulnerable than others to HIV infection, Nesnas said: “It is said that o + defends his condition more, but this is not certain. I do not think that there is a study that confirms this issue.”

He stressed that people must quit themselves for a minimum of 14 days, after which they will be tested.

From Cologne on March 31 (Reuters)
From Cologne on March 31 (Reuters)

On whether the person who recovered from Corona should remain in quarantine, Nesnas said: “We have to wait two days, after which two consecutive checks will be made, and if they are negative, in principle, we allow the person to return to normal life,” but he pointed out that “there are questions.” Also on this topic because there are people who have the virus reappeared after a while. ”

It is noteworthy that, according to the latest statistics, at least 73,139 people have died in the world since the appearance of Corona in December in China. More than 1,310,930 injuries have been diagnosed in 191 countries and regions, according to official figures, since the Covid-19 outbreak began. However, this number only reflects part of the true outcome, because a large number of countries do not perform tests except for cases that require transportation to hospitals.

Of these injuries, at least 249,700 people recovered to Monday.


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