Thank you, Mohamed bin Zayed


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Thank you, Mohamed bin Zayed

Publish date: 11/20/2020

We say it from the heart, with absolute and unwavering confidence, not shaken by awati and tribulation, that we will win our battle against the Corona epidemic.
From the heart, we say: Thank you to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, because he leads this battle with the determination of the men who believed in their Lord and their people, and decided to be in the first ranks on an open front with this epidemic, side by side. Along with medical personnel, who are fighting the most honorable battles, day and night, to protect all residents of this dear homeland.
And because the health of the individual is the health of society, and because the health of society is the health of the country, our rational leadership has always considered that the health of everyone residing on the Emirates’s land is a major goal in the face of the “Corona” plight, which struck the world by surprise.
Therefore, it prepares everyone who resides on the land of this country, whether a citizen or a resident, a trust in her neck, which must protect it, and provide him with all the reasons for strength, steadfastness, and steadfastness; to win this battle, as in all previous battles.
With this in mind, an additional 13 testing centers were opened during ten days in order to detect the “Corona” virus, at the state level, in addition to the center that was opened in Zayed Sports City in Abu Dhabi, where the number of medical, nursing and administrative personnel 630 employees, and the 14 centers are located on an area of ​​23 thousand square meters.
While inspecting one of the centers established for examination, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed had a new position, confirming that the leadership has its men, and it is keen on everyone, whether Emiratis or residents, and leadership is a position in which the true meaning is recorded: how the official is to serve the nation, and how the rows progress, When the men’s metal is tested.
During his visit, he thanked the medical staff and said: “We owe it to them … what they do, it is an unforgettable job.” He said: Our speed is increasing in examining the people present on the Emirates land .. Then he reiterated his thanks to all the medical staff «from the smallest employee to the largest employee».
A watchful leadership that does not sleep, continues, decides, directs and inspects it, because it believes in the inevitability of victory in this battle imposed on us and the whole world … a leadership that knows what it wants, and an authentic people who adhere to what its leadership decides.
Victory is inevitable … And soon, God willing, there will be zero casualties … until the epidemic is finally defeated, and out again.


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