Telegram proposes major changes to create chat folders and icons for “Corona”


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“Telegram” introduces major changes to create chat folders and icons for “Corona”, today Wednesday 1 April 2020 10:10 in the morning

The coded “Telegram” instant messaging application has released an update that provides major changes in the form and technologies of the application, the most prominent of which was a new technology for creating folders to archive important chats, as well as entirely new emojis for the Corona virus.

“The chat folders technology will be ideal for dealing with the increasing load of messages, whether related to work or personal chats,” said Telegram, according to “Times News Now”.

Chat folders can be created by clicking on Settings and then selecting Channels or People and you will find a new icon called Chat Folders, and once you choose the channel or person inside the Chat folder you will appear at the beginning of the application.

“If you have too many chats, you can now separate fun from work or family things from school things – then swipe between tabs to quickly access any of your chats,” Telegram says about the new update.

She added, “You can include or exclude all chats of a certain type, such as channels, unread – or one by one. Folders become available in the interface when the chat list is long enough to start stacking.”

Also, the Telegram update also gave users the ability to place chats installed with an unlimited number of chats, in order to ensure that users do not feel overwhelmed by these new features.

Telegram also added a new feature in its update, and it was called archived chats, which allows to hide some conversations from the show, and all the user has to do is pass a conversation to the left to move to the archived chats folder, in the event a new notification appears for that chat that will exit from the archive folder, Unless the user mutes that conversation.

It is also possible through the update of the Telegram to hide the user to the archive, by swiping its folder left, and it can be viewed again by pulling the screen down, and the Telegram in the new update also added “animations” for the voice recording or video message, which can make the recording more fun.

And dedicated this new technology to users of the Android operating system only, and also added Telegram in its new update new emoji “emoji” for Corona virus, which urges friends to stay at home or stay safe; in addition, Telegram also adds dice technology Mobile so people can make chats more interesting with a group game, all you have to do is post the mobile dice in a group chat to start an exciting game between friends.

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