Teaser from LG reveals the design of its next phone with curved corners


LG has published a new teaser in which it reviewed the design of its upcoming version of smartphones, which comes with curved corners, and a distinctive background camera with a design that simulates raindrops.

LG has started work on developing a new version of smartphones, and today LG revealed the first glimpses of the design of the next generation of smartphones.

The company LG recently updated its production line from the V series phones, with its latest version V60 Thinq dual screen, which was officially unveiled a few months ago, so some leaks indicate that this version will be among the series phones G, or the new series expected from LG.

This version comes in 3D Arc design with curved corners in the same language as the design of the Galaxy phones, as the back of the phone is characterized by the same design, where LG emphasizes that this design will support the user with a better experience in the use of the palm, and also a better design for the eye.

On the other hand, the rear camera appears for the phone in a “raindrop” design that begins with large lenses and ends with a small flash, which is an unconventional design and is different from the camera of new versions of smart phones, where the main camera appears in a prominent design, and leaks indicate that LG will provide its next version of phones Smart at a conference on May 15 to launch its new brand for smartphones.



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