Syrian drama 2020 … the start of the make-up hero season!


It is still too early to judge critically the Ramadan series, but the viewer’s right cannot be confiscated with the impressionistic state of the first three episodes, this is what we record on a number of Syrian and joint works, especially as it is the final say in preserving the scenes, or excluding them towards dozens of competing works. Whatever the injury Corona accomplished during the season, there remain essentials that cannot be overlooked, in addition to that a number of series were filmed before the epidemic.Supposing, by chance, that the stars Bassam Koussa, Salloum Haddad, and Karis Bashar decided after a tiring day of filming from their series “The Silk Market” (filming ended two days ago – Written by Hanan Al Mahraji, directed by Bassam and Moamen Al Mulla), the presence of the wonderful American teacher Martin Scorsese “The Irish” (script books) Stephen Dhalin and starred Robert De Niro and Al Pacino). The saga, which builds its foundation on an exploration within the worlds of crime, and painstaking research into its backstage, Syrian stars know that they have achieved a unique achievement. In addition to the value of the bar, there is the level of pro forma and actor reduction technology. So, how will the Syrian stars look at the repulsive primitive image they appear in their Levantine series, after minimizing dozens of years ?! Certainly, the comparison is not useful, but art makers in the world have found themselves in front of a model case in terms of minimizing the ages of the actors, to the point where it is not possible to work on this detail without thinking about this experience. Although the Syrian series is behind a large producer behind it, the mbc channel, it leaves a negative impression from the beginning. It introduces a rudimentary formula for actors at ages younger than their real ages, within the founding episodes of the story. All the effects and makeup have done, it is a blonde or black hair dye, and presenting a confusing formality to work, creates a distance with the recipient! Because primitive makeup cannot convince us that Salloum Haddad or Bassam Kousa are in their forties, and he has measured that! Note that the drafting of gravity in the competition season starts from the form, the visual state, and the plot of an interesting event that keeps the follower, away from the narrative essence of the series, and what will provide us with pleasure during its episodes. The judgment is currently deferred! In front of these modest technical capabilities, it was necessary for the director to enlist the help of young actors, who fit the age of the characters. And after the passage of time, the stars of the series can assume their roles, especially that it will be presented throughout successive parts.
The same seems catastrophic if we change the compass to a business that is made with fils. We follow a similar situation in the series “One Day” (a group of writers and directed by Ammar Tamim). The story begins in a way that matches the data of the famous Mexican series “Cassandra”, the escape of a child from her family’s home and her asylum to the Roma in an event that happened about 25 years ago. All this in a miserable state of the appearance of the actors, after reducing them in the way of modest budgets, i.e. dyeing hair in black, so that the result is that Zahir Ramadan appears similar to Colonel Adib Shishakli, and the viewer is confused if the actor who follows him Muhannad Qutaish or Ramiz Black after the catastrophic makeup!
In exchange, all businesses will be involved in plastic surgery, exaggerated botox and filler, bloating and Hollywood smile, instead of deep reflexes and control of facial muscles.
As for the criminal world, he leaves an “interview with Mr. Adam” (written and directed by Fadi Selim – starring Ghassan Masoud, Minna Fadali and Muhammad Al-Ahmad), a question about foreign films that he benefited from, especially with the personality of the investigator, the typical image of a dedicated officer who sanctifies his work and excels in analyzing crime intelligently. supernatural. It will also reflect on the hypothesis of parents dealing with their child with Down syndrome, although the reactions to her behaviors will be very happy all the time. However, the series is an interesting meal that can be followed carefully, and we see a conscious performance embodiment of Ghassan Massoud, and he plays the role of a university professor in the Faculty of Medicine, as if he spent his life in this profession.
For his part, the series “Ahla Ayyam” (third part of the study day – written by Talal Mardini and directed by Saif Sheikh Najib) has so far been required of him, without claims and statements. He is only interested in entertaining the viewer with a pleasant comic meal that appears more mature than previous experiences, although he disrupts the performance of Yamen Al-Hijaly, who depends entirely on excessive exaggeration and screaming, and the repetition of the “Ephesus” itself with the occurrence of the first episodes of the timing error, when he awaits (Actor Ghassan ) In the Emirates, his friends arrive from Damascus, while they are preparing to travel from their country’s airport!
For its part, the combined drama so far suggests that it is below the expected level. In “The Magician” (Salam Kasiri and Muhammad Lotfi), the influence of the Corona epidemic appeared from the first episode onwards. There is nothing to create amazement, not even any justification for what we will see later, nor the establishment or preparation of a clear story. It is true that Abed Fahd flies in the mood of the recipient by his performance of a new personality over his long history. But that alone does not save a series. He will personally answer these questions in a television interview when he says that many scenes the team was unable to photograph. But his first meeting with the star of the series, Stephanie Saliba, was not thought out. There is an incomplete loop, clear emptiness and extreme imbalance. The viewer cannot be convinced of the essence of a relationship that will create and extend through episodes between two heroes if it does not reach him with a healthy seed from the beginning for this case.
As for the “sculptor” (Buthaina Awad and Majdi Al-Sumairi), it appears to be confusing and confused so far. He could not control the attention of his viewers! Three slow first episodes. Its rhythm is fatal. monotonous. The picture and the general atmosphere are as if we were in the 80s drama, with a sprinkling of terror and empty terror. The mixture is almost empty from event and plot. Total separation from time cannot be. And preamble in ten white rings until the actual event begins. The viewer can’t stand it all. Also, Basil Khayat, even if he had a “sculptor” acting, but he would not be able to carry an entire series on his back alone! Perhaps the epidemic crisis also took the series off the track of cumulative construction and the formulation of interesting introductory episodes.
As for “Harmlik 2” (Suleiman Abdel Aziz and Tamer Ishaq), he wins this time with his first episodes, benefiting from a previous fruitful cultivation for a whole part, and a constellation of professional stars. Automatically, it will only be joined by those who watched the first part. So it will not be alien to the atmosphere, and does not need additional reasons to continue, except that the work was carried out on health and sound conditions before the spread of Corona. In the first episodes, Ahmad Al-Ahmad (Raslan) renews his prowess that drew the audience in the first part. This time, he starts grabbing his share of attention in a scene molested by a married woman (Nancy Khoury) at her home after he assaults her, so she chooses to retaliate him gracefully with boiling oil. Also, Samer Al-Masry (Hilal) and Bassem Yakhour (Hashem) will captivate viewers at the duel scene in Al-Khan, after the first asked his brother to divorce his wife because of her reputation.
The question remains about all or most of the season’s works: Where is the brutal Syrian reality experienced by the citizen? No high prices, no material problems, no deteriorating service conditions, and no terrifying threat of death from wars, famines, and displacement, even if only a passing passage occurs in the background of the event. It is as if we are following serials that take place in another country and time! Everything in the drama is alien to the muddy life we ​​live in. The question will remain pending until the commercial advertising period begins, for Fayez Qazaq, Abdel Moneim Amairi, and Mustafa Al-Mustafa. The viewer thinks it is a plaque from “A Spot of Light”, but he will soon discover that three successive theater generations embody a commercial advertising for chips! The false picture of the psychiatrist will not concern him, not even violating the rules of commercial advertising and throwing the product that cannot be thrown in a paid advertisement, but he will probably discover from the whole case the answer: The story became a mere livelihood. As for thinking deeper than this level, it has become an elusive luxury!

* “The Silk Market”: Syria Drama – mbc
* “Someday”: Syria Drama – Rotana Drama – Ours
* “Interview with Mr. Adam”: First Abu Dhabi – Sama – is ours
“The Magician”: First Abu Dhabi – Sama
* “Sculptor”: First Abu Dhabi – Sama
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