Stones and Molotov are raining the house of a Lebanese lawmaker .. and the army is interfering


Source: Dubai –

The public curse in Lebanon has increased due to an accelerated economic and social crisis deepened by the paralysis caused by the measures to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic, at a time when it is loaded Governor of the Central Bank The absence of government reforms responsible for the country’s financial collapse.

At dawn on Thursday, the house of Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Elie Al-Farazli, in Jeb Jenin, in the western Bekaa, was subjected to a barrage of stones and Molotov cocktails, made by hand, by protesters, according to the National Information Agency. The damage was limited to a slight fire in the trees surrounding the house.

In the aftermath, the army intervened and worked to disperse the demonstrators and arrest a number of rioters, according to the agency. A joint force of the army and internal security forces was stationed at the entrance and around the house.

It is reported that al-Farzali was not present at the home he was heading to at the end of the week.

On the other hand, no attacks on banks in Jubb Jenin, which number more than five branches, were recorded at the dawn of moves.

The latest wave of turmoil comes after the devaluation of the Lebanese pound last week, which heralds a new increase in prices in the country mainly dependent on import.

In the past few days, banks that prevented depositors from withdrawing their money in dollars were targeted in order to preserve the scarce hard currency, protesters burned the fronts of several banks and destroyed ATMs in several cities.


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