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Domestic shares fell at the end of yesterday’s session, at a low rate, affected by the pressure of selling foreigners, with their continuing fears of the repercussions of the “Corona” pandemic on the global economies. An arrow.

And the Dubai market fell 1.02% to 1771.31 points, with real estate, banking, commodities and insurance shares declining, and Abu Dhabi’s market fell 0.25% at 3,734.68 points, with bank shares declining against the rise of other sectoral indices.

The shares attracted 393.2 million dirhams of liquidity, including 192.8 million in Dubai and 200.4 million in Abu Dhabi, and 240.8 million shares were traded, of which 167.5 million were in Dubai and 73.2 million in Abu Dhabi, through 6269 transactions.

Dubai Market

Pressure on the Dubai market decreased «real estate» 3.47% with the decline of «Emaar Properties» 4.72% and «Emaar Development» 4.82% and «Emaar Malls» 2.72% and «Arabtec» 0.42%, compared to the rise of «Damac» 0.62%, and «Dyar 1.42%, “Union Properties” 1.47%, “Banks” decreased 0.52%, with “Dubai Islamic” dropping 1.09%, while “Emirates NBD” settled.

The “investment” rose 1.13%, with the “Dubai Investment” rising 0.9%, the “Dubai Financial” 1.82%, the “Shuaa Capital” 2.51%, the “Transport” increased 0.58%, the increase in “Air Arabia” 1.17%, and the “Aramex” 0.44%.

Emaar Properties issued the activity attracting 72.8 million dirhams, followed by “Dubai Islamic” 38.5 million, then “Emirates NBD” 17.6 million. Gulfa Water issued gainers, 14.62%, and Gulf Navigation was the most declining 5%.

Arab investors and citizens tended to buy in «Dubai» with an investment of 28.8 million dirhams, while Gulf and foreigners tended to liquidate, with a net 28.8 million. Institutions have moved towards monetization in Dubai, by 24.3 million, while individuals have moved towards purchasing, with an investment of 24.3 million.

Abu Dhabi Market

And pressure on the Abu Dhabi market, the decline of “banks” by 2% with the decline of “first Abu Dhabi” 2.33% and “Abu Dhabi Commercial” by 4.93%, while “Abu Dhabi Islamic” rose 2.05%, while “real estate” rose 3.96%, supported by the rise of “Aldar” by 4.76%, While «Ras Al Khaimah Real Estate» fell 4.83%. Etisalat increased 2.04%, while Etisalat increased by the same percentage.

“Energy” rose 2.67% after the rise in “Dana Gas” 6.54%, “ADNOC Distribution” decreased 0.37%, “Investment” increased 1.57%, “Ashraq” rose 0.51%, “Waha Capital” 7.66% and “International Holding” 0.14%.

“Abu Dhabi Commercial” led the activity 46.2 million dirhams, followed by “Abu Dhabi First” 43.25 million, then “Etisalat” 33.6 million. The “Methaq” achieved the largest increase, 14.72%, while the “Abu Dhabi Ships” was the lowest, 4.94%.

The foreigners and the citizens intent on buying with a net worth of 12 million dirhams, while the Arabs and the Gulf people went towards liquidation, with the same net, and the institutions went to buy in Abu Dhabi for 3 million, in exchange for selling to individuals at the same value.

The local stocks were exposed during last March to selling pressure and foreign monetization operations, which pushed the Dubai market down 31.6% by 818.69 points, while the Abu Dhabi market fell 23.8% by 1166.7 points, which lost “Dubai” 993.5 points 35.93%, and “Abu Dhabi” 26.4% 1341 points.


– The Dubai Financial Market announced that the local companies listed in the market recorded a commitment rate of 94% in terms of disclosure of the annual financial statements for 2019 within the legal time limit of 3 months from the end of the fiscal year.

Ajman Bank invited the shareholders to subscribe electronically on April 20.

On April 20, the Amlak Finance general assembly discusses the decision of the company to continue its activities despite the accumulated losses exceeding half of its capital.

The General Assembly of “Sharjah Cement” meets on the 30th of this month to consider not distributing dividends to shareholders for 2019.

The Emirates Motor Driving Association raised cash dividends to 100%, at a value of 89.78 million dirhams for 2019.

The General Assembly of “Fujairah Building Industries” approved a dividend of 15% of the capital.



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