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Posted Date: Thursday, 16 April 2020 – 17:21 | Last update: Thursday, April 16 2020 – 17:21

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        The social spacing period encouraged societies to stay home, which is a great challenge for many people due to the limited activities that they may engage in to stay busy, and here TikTok reminds you that you are not alone and even if you are alone you can explore your creative skills through unique and easy application tools that you can use to create And share positive and innovative content.<p>Many celebrities in Egypt and the Middle East joined TikTok, to entertain themselves and their fans during this difficult period by sharing entertaining and creative content, including Ahmed Helmy, Ahmed El Saadany, Hassan El Shafei, Mostafa Khater, Raya Abi Rashid, here Zahid, Laila Ahmed Zahir, Ahmed Al-Saqa, Haitham Saeed, Ahmed Hatem, Nadine Nassib Najm, Karen Wazen and others.

The stars unleashed various challenges, as they shared their audiences with videos during cooking, and rather during the implementation of the challenge, and dance also existed, in addition to their participation in videos they appeared in with their children.

@ahmedhelmyofficial My diary is in ban

♬ Original sound – ahmedhelmyofficial


Dancing is a sport and boosting morale … the challenge of dance # savage

♬ Savage – Megan Thee Stallion

@ osossssssss.official

# stayathome # staysafe # stayhome # osos # stayathomechallange

♬ original sound – osossssssss.official

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