Special art – Ahmad Al-Saqqa, Mu’tasem Al-Nahar and Qusai Khouli with quarantine in Lebanon


Egyptian actor Ahmed El Sakka is still waiting for the end of this difficult stage to complete filming the episodes of his new program, “Most of the Sakka”, presented by the media and artist Razan Maghribi, as the work is suspended for the third week in a row after filming half of the episodes of the program, due to the preventive measures taken by the Lebanese government to prevent The spread of the Corona virus, including stopping filming of any artwork being photographed.

During the three weeks in which the program was suspended, Ahmed El-Sakka resides in a hotel in Lebanon, especially since he cannot return to Egypt because of the suspension of air traffic, whether in Egypt or Lebanon. , As there are no guests in the hotel but the program staff.

“Most of the Sakka” is taken from a global format for the “beat the star” competition program, which is expected to be shown next Ramadan on the MBC screen, and its idea is based on difficult competitions between the program’s star, Ahmed El Sakka and a large number of guest stars, where mbc Egypt launched the promo promo. For the program, a few days ago, a number of stars appeared, including Mohamed Henedy, Nelly Karim, Dora and others.

the art

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