Spanish Health: We cannot resume football before the summer


Spanish Health Minister Salvador Ella said on Sunday that, given the ongoing crisis of the new epidemic of Coruna virus (Covid-19), it may be necessary to wait a longer time before the football competition returns.

The Spanish Football Association, the Spanish League, and the Spanish Sports Council are working on a plan to resume football matches, which are suspended for an indefinite period, upon obtaining the green light from the government.

According to the protocol presented by the La Liga, every player is subjected to a corona virus test, which may be a problem given that Spain does not have an abundance of test requirements.

“I cannot say now that it is possible to resume football competitions before the summer, as this will miss wisdom on my part,” Health Minister Ella told a news conference.

“There are instructions from the Ministry of Health that apply to all groups of all kinds, including professional football. Any kind of diagnostic tests should be put at the disposal of regional governments,” he added.

Spain recorded more than 22,900 deaths due to Covid-19 infection, while more than 220 thousand injuries, noting that the daily casualty rate started to decline.

The Spanish government intends to ease restrictions on public closings from May 2, as it will allow citizens to exercise abroad and individually for one hour per day, provided that the incidence rate continues to decline.


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