Spain: Corona Virus Outbreak “Under Control”


Spain: Corona Virus Outbreak “Under Control”

Thursday – 16 Sha’ban 1441 AH – 09 April 2020 AD

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez speaks to Parliament in Madrid (AP)

Madrid: «Middle East Online»

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said today (Thursday) that the Spanish authorities have “controlled” the outbreak of the Coruna virus, according to German news agency DPA.
The Spanish Ministry of Health indicated today that the number of HIV cases increased by 6 thousand cases during the past 24 hours to reach 152 thousand cases.
Since yesterday (Wednesday), Spain recorded 683 deaths, bringing the total number of deaths to 15,238.
Sanchez said in parliament that the state of emergency imposed since last March 15th had helped contain the virus.
Parliament is scheduled to vote later in the day on whether or not the closure measures will be extended until April 26.
Yesterday, the country’s most affected Madrid authorities acknowledged that the number of deaths as a result of Coffid-19 in nursing homes in the region may be five times greater than the official number, which does not count nearly 3,500 victims who have not been examined, according to Agence France-Presse.
A few days ago, the Spanish authorities said that the epidemic had reached its peak in the country, but required the population to continue to respect the country’s general isolation in order to prevent the emergence of a new wave of infections.
Sanchez stressed today before Parliament that “our priority now is not to return our stairs, especially not to return to the point of departure, and not to reduce alertness.”


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