Sony unveils the PlayStation 5 joystick



Revealed a company Sony The new DualSense joystick for the next generation of its platform called PlayStation 5, although it has not yet revealed the shape of the platform itself, so that the new joystick represents the biggest change in the design of control arms in its history of more than 25 years with platforms (PlayStation), where Sony has held onto the same design for years, from (PlayStation 1) to (PlayStation 4).
Regardless of the change in design, the new joystick contains some big changes from the inside, as there are previously announced new reactions that replace the old (Rumble) technology in previous control arms and make reactions more realistic, along with new adaptive buttons that It can adjust the button resistance for different gaming effects.
There is also a built-in microphone, the first for Sony’s joysticks, that allows players to chat easily with friends without a headphone, along with the long-awaited (USB-C) port, and of course, there is a new dual-color color scheme similar in style with (PSVR) and design The overall regenerator that gives a more rounded shape to the handles and face buttons.
Sony has renamed the “Share” button to the new “Create” button, which first appeared with the DualShock 4 controller (PlayStation 4), so that the button provides new ways for players to quickly share game content with the world via platform platforms such as YouTube and (Twitch).
The Japanese company has pledged to announce additional details as the launch time for the new platform is approaching, and Jim Ryan, head of interactive entertainment at Sony, said in the blog post announcing the joystick: the new (DualSense) represents a radical departure from our previous control arms, and represents How strong we feel about making a leap forward with (PlayStation 5). ”

“I tested (DualSense) from a wide range of players who have a variety of hand sizes, so that we can achieve the level of comfort we want, and our goal with (DualSense) is to give players the feeling that they are moving into the game world once the box is opened, and we want to feel The players that the joystick is an extension of themselves when they play so much that they forget it is in their hands.


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