Sony launches its latest mini wireless speaker at a competitive price


Washington – Iraq today

Civilized Sony Corporation To launch its latest wireless mini headphones with advanced specifications and almost twice the price of airpods, Sony’s new WF-XB700 headsets come in a design similar to that of headphones Samsung New samsung buds, and each small speaker is equipped with a water and dust-proof structure.

And most importantly, the internal battery of these headphones is enough to work for more than 9 hours per charge, even when used continuously to make calls and listen to music.

Sony also provided her with a stylish and small plastic wallet in which a battery charges the headphones 3 times.

Another important feature of the WF-XB700 is the ability to communicate with devices via “Bluetooth-5” technology, and the ability to use each headset separately to make communications. The price of this technical masterpiece is only $ 130.

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